Bloomberg Law

November 15 – Bloomberg Law

Charlotte Harrington, Legal Research Specialist, will provide a look into the new world of Bloomberg Law as enhanced by the Bloomberg BNA Content – such as dockets, company analytics and litigation, news and much more.

Date/Time/Location:  Thursday, November 15, 2012, 12:00-1:30pm.
University of Baltimore Student Center
21 W. Mt Royal Avenue (corner of Maryland and Mt Royal Avenues)
Student Center Room 301
Baltimore, MD 21201

In order to secure parking vouchers, good for parking at the reduced rate of $7, please RSVP by COB Thursday, November 1, 2012 to Tonya Baroudi at

For parking information see  The campus is also convenient to the light rail, and the circulator bus.

You are welcome to bring your lunch; beverages and desserts will be provided.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on November 15.

Keeping Up with LLAMonline

The next time you visit LLAMonline you may want to seek out a few new features.

The LLAM Calendar: LLAM is now using Google Calendar to share our busy schedule of upcoming meetings, programs, and events!

The LLAM Calendar makes it easy for LLAM to share its calendar with you and for you to add the LLAM schedule to your personal Google Calendar. Now you don’t have to carry your paper calendar with you to see when the next LLAM event is scheduled.

Find the LLAM Calendar under Events and Announcements in the traditional monthly format, and on the home page in the agenda format; to view the LLAM Calendar Agenda in the monthly format, click on the “Google Calendar” button in the bottom right.

Pay Membership Dues Online: LLAM is also accepting membership dues by credit card online, through Google Wallet.  Once you select the membership type on the Membership Payment page, you may be prompted to set up a Google Account. This does not require a Gmail address; any email address will work.

If you are purchasing membership for anyone other than yourself, please follow these four easy steps:

  1. Select the quantity and type of membership(s) you are purchasing using the drop-down menu above
  2. Please create or open a Google Account and uncheck the “Shipping Address-Same as billing address” box
  3. In the “Shipping Address” Name field, enter the names of ALL of the individuals for whom you are buying membership in this transaction
  4. Enter any shipping address you wish since nothing needs to be shipped!

For anyone paying online, don’t forget to also email your completed Membership Application / Renewal Form (Word) to Pat Behles (pbehles at ubalt dot edu). Of course, we also accept payment by check in the mail as well.

Job Announcements: Have you ever misplaced that email from the LLAM listserv about the perfect job and felt a bit odd about asking a colleague to forward it to you? Your worries are over. Mary Rice, our wonderful placement chair, is now posting the job listings on she emails to the LLAM listserv. To find the job listings on the website, go to Interact With LLAM > Job Placement > Job Vacancies.

Committee Report – Membership

By Pat Behles
Gov. Docs. & Reference Librarian
University of Baltimore Law Library

LLAM has a newly designed membership form this year. It includes a question requesting permission to use photographic images. The need to include this arose out of the use of photographs in newsletters, communications and the website.  Thanks for working with us and filling it out this year.

Almost everyone has renewed or joined this year!  It looks as if our numbers will be around 85 which is consistent with the last few years.  We have some new members, about 10 since last January.  Look for profiles in upcoming newsletter editions.  And several of our newly retired members have opted to keep in touch by taking advantage of our retired member category.

Several of you indicated a willingness to volunteer.  Someone will be contacting you early in the fall to put you to work!  With the prospect of our Legal Research Institute in the spring, there is a need.

The directory will be updated and an e-mail will be sent to the membership list with the password when it is complete.

Committee Report – Archives

By Katherine Baer
Maryland Collections & Reference Librarian
Maryland State Law Library


I don’t know if all of you know, but LLAM has an Archive.  Well, it’s actually a collection of boxes filled with LLAM stuff and housed in a storeroom at the University of Maryland Law Library. The Archive was previously maintained by Beverly Rubenstein and housed at the Attorney General’s Office.  I recently went through the collection in order to migrate the materials into archival boxes.  I updated the inventory, put like items with like items, and I did do some tossing.

The collection has quite a variety of materials.  There are chronological files that were contributed by each LLAM president.  These make up the bulk of the collection and vary in terms of depth and breadth.  They start back when LLAM was still BLISS (Baltimore Law Information Specialists Society).  Going through these chronological files will be one of the next tasks for the Archives Committee.  The Archives also has materials on LLAM’s incorporation and its Constitution. Then there are all the newsletters and files on special events such as the anniversary celebrations, AALL in Baltimore, County check-lists, and the Legal Research Institutes.

There are some real archival challenges in the collection.  When going though I found floppy discs, VHS, cassette tapes, CD-Roms, photographs, and even a foam crab hat.  We still have some drives that play floppies at the State Law Library, so this will be one of the first things I work on migrating.  I have also set-up a test flickr account that can be used to house all of the digital photographs that have been taken in the recent past.  We will be asking for all of your help in trying to match faces and names in some of the photographs. There will be more information on that later.  I also have a request for all LLAM members: if you have any materials that you think would make a nice addition to the Archives, please contact me at

Committee Report – LLAM Placement Committee

The current chair of LLAM’s Placement Committee is Tonya Baroudi, Law Librarian at the Prince George’s County Law Library. Tonya has served admirably in this capacity for several years.

The Placement Committee serves to communicate career and volunteer opportunities to members by posting announcements to LLAM’s discussion list.   Responsibilities include monitoring national and regional law library association websites and listserves, and state and federal government websites, for appropriate job announcements, then forwarding them to LLAM members in a timely fashion.  Several re-posting requests are made and handled accordingly.   Job listings are free and are also accepted from employment agencies.  Revisions and additions to committee procedures are made as necessary as well as updates to the placement brochure.  Placement brochures are forwarded to local campus job fairs and LLAM’s incoming President.

To date in 2010, 170 jobs have been posted.  See statistics below:

January 12
February 14
March 16
April 12
May 18
June 20
July 16
August 15
September 19
October 16
November 12