LLAM Committees are entrusted with handling the administrative and creative responsibilities that keep an organization vital. For more information on committee functions and tasks, please see the LLAM Guidelines available on the Procedures Manuals webpage.  LLAM also maintains a separate list of past committee chairs and members.

Committee Descriptions and Members


The Archives Committee identifies, acquires, organizes, preserves and publicizes materials in all formats relating to LLAM history. These materials include official correspondence, publicity materials, updates to procedures and by-laws, meeting minutes, financial records, contracts, insurance policies and other related LLAM documents. The Committee makes these materials available to its officers, members and the general public as appropriate. Archive materials are housed at the Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the University of Maryland Law School Law Library in Baltimore.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Joe Neumann, jneumann @ (Chair)

Communications and Technology

The Communications and Technology Committee manages all aspects of LLAM’s information distribution to members and the public. The Committee manages LLAM’s website, as well as large-scale communications using various media.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Jason Hawkins, jhawkins @ (Co-chair)
  • Jenny Rensler, jrensler @ (Co-chair)
  • Chi Song, Chi.Song @

Government and Vendor Relations

The Government and Vendor Relations Committee serves as a liaison for LLAM and its members to government entities and vendors. The Committee monitors issues and legislation, keeps members informed and promotes the concerns of Maryland law libraries.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Joan Bellistri, library @ (Chair)


The Grants Committee collects applications for annual LLAM grants to the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) annual meetings, and selects recipients. The number, amount and deadlines for LLAM grants may vary from year to year. The Committee may be convened to distribute other special LLAM grants, as needed. The committee also chooses the recipients of the AALL registration grant.

2016-2017 Members:

  • James Gernert, james.gernert @ (Chair)
  • Sue McCarty, SMcCarty @
  • Savanna Nolan, snolan @
  • Bijal Shah, bshah @
  • Elizabeth Simmons, elizabeth.simmons @


The Membership Committee recruits and retains the LLAM membership.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Pat Behles, pbehles @ (Co-chair)
  • Sara Whitman, switman @ (Co-chair)
  • Harvey Morrell, hmorrell @


The Nominations Committee is responsible for locating potential LLAM Board candidates and operating elections in cooperation with the LLAM Secretary.

2016-2017 Members:

  • James Durham, james.durham @ (Chair)
  • Tonya Baroudi, TEBaroudi @
  • Joanne Colvin, jcolvin @


The Placement Committee gathers job postings of potential interest to LLAM members and to other law library staff in Maryland.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Vickie Yiannoulou , vyiannoulou @ (Chair)
  • Jessica Mundy, jessica.Mundy @


The Programming Committee is responsible for scheduling educational programs and social events for the LLAM membership and, occasionally, for other audiences.

2016-2017 Members:

  • Julia Viets, jviets @ (Chair)
  • Rachel Englander, renglander @
  • Kate Martin, KMartin @
  • Jessica Mundy,  jessica.mundy @

Special Committees

Special committees (such as the bylaws or budget committees) are established and their members are appointed by the LLAM President. Special committees are task-oriented and of limited duration.

2016-2017 Bylaws Committee Members:

  • C.J. Pippins, capipinsII @ (Chair)