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  • The LLAM Discussion List serves as a forum for internet-connected members to exchange ideas, information, and requests. To subscribe go to the AALLNET site. Once you submit your email there you will be sent a confirmation message to which you’ll need to reply to get onto the list.
  • Listserv subscribers are subject to the LLAM Discussion Forum Rules and Conditions.

Another way to subscribe is to go to the AALL Online Discussion section and click the “AALLNET Online Discussion Center” link. You will see the list of all the forums with the “Subscribe” buttons next to them. Click the “Subscribe” button next to LLAM forum. Once you are subscribed, you can go back to the same Online Discussion Center that lists all the forums and click “My Account” button to login with your email and password (if set) to access their records. There you can unsubscribe and change how you receive messages or modify information.

You’ll have an option to unsubscribe available on every email message received from the list.

To view the online forum manager where you can modify settings for your forums please visit and login with your email address and password. Go to “My Account” section to manage how you receive posting and to modify your personal information.

Technical questions can be addressed to Harvey Morrell by email at hmorrell at ubalt dot edu, or by phone at (410) 837-4657.

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