Job Placement

The LLAM Placement service is available to all job seekers, not only members of LLAM, and provides job seekers with a frequently updated list of LLAM Job Vacancies. On the LLAM Job Vacancies page, you are welcome to subscribe to receive emails or to the RSS feed to receive updates to this website.

Employers in Maryland contact the placement chairperson when a law library position is available. A notice of the job vacancy is sent to the LLAM membership on the LLAM Job Vacancies page, and the LLAM listserv. In addition to the LLAM announcements, other contacts and sources for job listings are provided on the Links page.

Contact: For more information, contact the Placement Committee.

2 thoughts on “Job Placement

  1. Good evening, who is the correct placement chairperson to contact to submit a posting to LLAM? I am the Sr. Staff Recruiting Coordinator at Arnold & Porter, located in DC, and have 2 positions we’d like to add.

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