LLAM Purpose Plan

2014 – 2017


The Law Library Association of Maryland (LLAM) will support its members, be a leader in the development of law librarianship, promote the value of law libraries, and promote effective use of existing and future technologies to access legal information.


The profession of law librarianship is changing. Changes in technology have fundamentally altered how law librarians perform their jobs. These changes provide both challenges and opportunities for librarians. LLAM adopts this plan to strategically chart its direction for the upcoming three year period. This plan focuses on four primary issues: leadership, education, networking, and advocacy.


Goal: Develop leadership skills to position the librarian and the library to a more central place in the parent organization.


  • Further efforts to work with local library schools to aid in the recruitment of new law librarians.
  • Build on the newly created mentoring program to ensure that newer members to the LLAM community are provided the necessary skills to become leaders in their organizations and in the law library community.
  • Participate in organizations outside of the library community and in joint projects with other library associations.


Goal: Design educational programs that meet the needs of its members.


  • Provide cutting-edge programming to help librarians stay current with the constant changes in technology.
  • Partner with other organizations as a means of providing enhanced educational offerings.
  • Offer grants and scholarships to continue the educational needs of librarians.


Goal: Develop relationships that will foster growth and professional advancement.


  • Create forums and opportunities through the creation of networking programs.
  • Create networking opportunities with other AALL chapters and with other local and national library groups.


Goal: Effectively advocate for the Maryland law library community influencing legal and government information policies in the public and private sectors.


  • Increase its role in all political arenas as the unified voice of law librarians.
  • Work toward ensuring LLAM’s continued financial health.
  • Partner with other local library associations to take effective action.

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