Committee Report – Membership

By Pat Behles
Gov. Docs. & Reference Librarian
University of Baltimore Law Library

LLAM has a newly designed membership form this year. It includes a question requesting permission to use photographic images. The need to include this arose out of the use of photographs in newsletters, communications and the website.  Thanks for working with us and filling it out this year.

Almost everyone has renewed or joined this year!  It looks as if our numbers will be around 85 which is consistent with the last few years.  We have some new members, about 10 since last January.  Look for profiles in upcoming newsletter editions.  And several of our newly retired members have opted to keep in touch by taking advantage of our retired member category.

Several of you indicated a willingness to volunteer.  Someone will be contacting you early in the fall to put you to work!  With the prospect of our Legal Research Institute in the spring, there is a need.

The directory will be updated and an e-mail will be sent to the membership list with the password when it is complete.