President’s Message-Summer 2012

by Mary Jo Lazun, Maryland State Law Library

For many of us, turning 30 was (or will be) a major milestone. So too for the Law Library Association of Maryland. LLAM turned 30 this month.

What is it about LLAM that has kept it going for thirty years? As a relative newcomer, for me it was the intimateness of the group, and the ability to get to know members, that drew me to LLAM and why I am smitten with our organization.  Take a moment to look at our list of our past presidents and committee chairs. They have brought us a long  way. If you encounter one of these LLAM Leadership Alumni,  pass along a  “thank you” for all the work they have done for our organization.

This year I hope to continue to keep LLAM responsive to members and our new web site is a big first step.  We have moved to a WordPress platform and even have our own URL: Kirstin Nelson got many of us hooked on WordPress when she moved LLAM eNews to that platform and Jenny Rensler got comfortable using the WordPress platform when she did the website for the spring conference. In fact, we are actually using the same site for  the “new” LLAM online. A very special thanks goes to Jenny Rensler, who ported the content from the old site to this one to give us a better communications tool. Be sure to check out the “receive updates by email” option on the home page. As we learn more about what WordPress can do, we hope to expand its outreach to LLAM members.

As you poke around the web site you will probably notice that some items need a bit of updating. This is the year to do a new strategic plan, and I will be working closely with board members and committee chairs to rewrite the plan this fall. This spring, we will set up short-term objectives and based on those objectives revisit our committee structure and procedures to see if changes are needed.

But now, it’s summer — time for vacations and the AALL Annual Meeting. Tonya Baroudi and I will be attending the chapter leadership training on Saturday and are looking forward to seeing LLAM members at the conference. David Machen has found us a super location to relax and enjoy each others’ company on Sunday. Be sure to drop by the LLAM table and be sure to visit the Exhibit Hall to see LLAM’s poster session on Full Disclosure: Librarians Sharing Best Practices.  LLAM’s own Joanie Bellistri, AALL candidate for Treasurer, will be at the “Meet the Candidates” on Monday morning in the Convention Hall.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.

Mary Jo Lazun