Notice of vote to amend the LLAM bylaws

In 2015, our LLAM Secretary received a notice from the AALL Bylaws and Resolutions Committee that LLAM was required to amend its Bylaws to include “gender identity” in its anti-discrimination clause. The Committee also sent a list of suggested (and very helpful) edits to the Bylaws that would increase clarity and eliminate confusion. Some of the suggested changes were stylistic, and others were substantive.

Please read the proposed revision, which has been proofread by the LLAM Board and has been tentatively approved by the AALL Bylaws and Resolutions Committee. I am providing a copy of the current Bylaws so that you may compare the current language to the proposed revision. Please note the following substantive changes that appear in the draft:

• Former Article III, Section 2(B) has been eliminated because it read “All members shall receive the Corporation’s newsletter as part of their membership.” LLAM discontinued the newsletter approximately 1 -2 years ago, in favor of sharing LLAM news through its blog and the LLAM e-mail list. To be consistent, I also eliminated a reference to the newsletter in Article IV, Section 2, replacing newsletter with “website.”
• Article IV, Section 3 has been amended to establish a quorum for member meetings. (A quorum for Board meetings is four, as described in Article VII, Section 5.) I listed the quorum as ten persons. I have amended Article IV, Section 3 and 4, and Article VII, Section 5, to allow persons attending meetings remotely (for example, by conference call) to serve as part of a quorum and to vote.
• The anti-discrimination clause in Article XI has been amended to include gender identity.

Our LLAM Secretary will distribute an electronic ballot to LLAM members in one month to vote to approve the proposed revised LLAM Bylaws.

Thank you,
James Durham
LLAM President