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Full Disclosure Keynote Address

My Disastrous New Job!

Maryland’s People’s Law Library Seeks Contributors

Ideas in Client Service: Lean Techniques for Law Libraries

Advocating for Maryland Libraries: MLA Legislative Day in Annapolis

Full Disclosure Program Summaries

      • The “New” Librarian Toolkit
        • Webinars: They’re Not Just for Vendors Anymore
        • A Recipe for Facebook Success
        • Don’t Let Your e-Files Manage You
        • PowerPoint Doesn’t Have to Suck
      • Not Your Father’s Gov Docs
        • Navigating U.S. Government Information with FDSys
        • Reports: Understanding the Process
        • Who owns the law?” Law.gov and Efforts to Return the Law to the Public Domain
        • Going Old School In The New World: How Legislative Procedure Drives Legislative History
      • Under the Hood
        • Twinkies, Kodachrome and MARC: the Changing Landscape of Libraries
        • Discovery Tools at Pence Law Library
        • One-Stop Search Environment For Full-Text Materials
        • The Future of Discovery
      • Eyes Wide Open
        • Google As A Legitimate First Step In Research
        • “Teaching Technologies” for Legal Research Instruction
        • Letting Students Teach Your Class
      • How May We Help You
        • Seeking a Monograph
        • Using An iPad To Redefine Roving Reference Service In An Academic Library
        • Faculty Services Librarians + Faculty = Student Success
      • In the Stacks
        • Digital Initiatives at UB
        • We’ve Got a Lot of Stuff: Maryland Historical Society
        • The Road to Chapter 11: Library Serials Procedure
        • Stuck In The Middle With You: Print v. Online
      • Librarians Just Wanna Have Fun
        • Boost The Fun (Factor) In Your Outreach
        • PAWS for Reading: Read with Us On Saturday Mornings
        • Putting a (Technology) Petting Zoo to Work for You
        • Library Yogi
      • Legal Aid
        • Attorney, Client and the Librarian
        • Stealth Learning: Librarian Interactions with Patrons
        • Free Online Tools for Legal Researchers