Announcements – March 2011

1. AALL/LLAM Grants for Annual Meeting/Conference
2. Unraveling the Mysteries of the Law Firm Marketing Department
3. Save the Date: April 28 AALL Webinar on Library Technology
4. Get a Free Year of AALL Membership with Nonmember Annual Meeting Registration
5. Renew Your AALL Membership Early for a Chance to Win a Free 2011 AALL Annual Meeting Registration
6. AALL2go Pick of the Month
7. Unleash Your Inner Leader October 28-29


1. AALL/LLAM Grants for Annual Meeting/Conference

Each year, on a rotating basis, AALL provides grants to members of local chapters to cover registration for the Annual Meeting.  In 2011 it is LLAM’s turn to have a member receive a AALL grant for the Annual Meeting, to be held in Philadelphia from July 23-26.  To make the grant even more appealing, LLAM is adding $500 to AALL’s registration grant to help cover the cost of transportation/hotel/meals at the conference.

To apply for the grant, you must fill out an application and return it to the LLAM Grants & Awards Committee by March 31, 2011.  Applicants must be members of AALL and LLAM at the time of their application.  A committee consisting of Jean Hessenauer, Mark Desierto, and Jim Gernert will review all of the applications, and let the grant recipient know of his/her selection by April 8, 2011.

For more information, or to request a copy of the application, contact Jim Gernert at, or (410) 965-6107.  You can also find a copy of the application on LLAM’s website at .


2. Unraveling the Mysteries of the Law Firm Marketing Department

How much do you know about the marketing department in your firm? What does your chief marketing officer (CMO) envision as the biggest challenges and opportunities in this tough business climate? And most importantly for you, what is your role in helping your firm win new business and sustain longstanding and profitable client relationships?

In this installment of the Private Law Libraries (PLL) Change as Action Summit, you will hear from Joe Calve and Kelly Brown of Morrison & Foerster. Calve is MoFo’s chief marketing officer, and Brown is the director of client relations. For the past year, the MoFo Research and Intelligence Group (the library) has reported to Calve and Brown in the Marketing Department. Calve and Brown bring a deep understanding of the capabilities of the MoFo Research and Intelligence team, and they are in a unique position to share their thoughts about how libraries can position themselves to become active participants in the practices of their firms by providing research at the highest level, both for business development and for client work.

This program will be videotaped and posted on the PLL website and will be available for free beginning on March 28 on AALL2go. It can be viewed by individual members or by groups. You may want to suggest that your chapter or SIS plan an educational program around the video. For example, tap a marketing director from a local firm to attend a brown bag lunch and watch the video with you; then, follow-up with a Q&A session.

This is the third in a series of five programs moderated by PLL members to provide a primer in law firm management from the view point of firm managers and administrators. The series is part of a two year program undertaken by the Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section (PLL-SIS) of AALL. The goal is to identify significant changes taking place in the legal world, to understand how these changes provide opportunities for assuming leadership roles, and to develop concrete plans for librarians to become leaders within their organizations. The culmination of these efforts, the Change as Action Summit, will take place in Philadelphia on July 23.


3. Save the Date:  April 28 AALL Webinar on Library Technology

The Private Law Libraries Special Interest Section will host AALL’s April webinar, Library and Technology: Finding Common Ground on April 28 at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time. Check the AALL Calendar of Events for more details to come.


4. Get a Free Year of AALL Membership with Nonmember Annual Meeting Registration

AALL offers nonmembers a complimentary one-year membership when they register for the AALL Annual Meeting and Conference, to be held July 23-26 in Philadelphia. The membership includes:

  • Career resources, such as the online Career Center and continuing education to help you learn new skills to advance in your career
  • Access to specialized information created just for law librarians, such as the Biennial Salary Survey and the Price Index for Legal Publications
  • Subscriptions to the monthly magazine, AALL Spectrum, and quarterly journal, Law Library Journal, to help you keep up on the latest trends in law librarianship
  • The opportunity to network and connect with other law librarians from across the country who share similar interests and are facing the same challenges
  • Discounted rates on all AALL products and services, such as publications, webinars, and online job postings

Annual Meeting registration is now open. Register by June 1 at the early bird rate and save $100. Be sure to take advantage of this special offer for nonmembers.


5. Renew Your AALL Membership Early for a Chance to Win a Free 2011 AALL Annual Meeting Registration

In March, AALL dues invoices for 2011-2012 will mail out to all library directors for their institutionally paid memberships and to all other individual members. The deadline for membership renewal is May 31.

When you renew early—by May 1—you will be entered in a drawing for a free 2011 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference registration. If you renew on time—by May 31—you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free AALL webinar of your choice in 2011-2012. Following is the 2011 membership renewal schedule:

  • March: First dues invoices mailed out.
  • May: Second dues invoices mailed out.
  • June: Final dues invoices mailed out.
  • July: Expiration notices e-mailed to all members—individuals and those paid by institutions.
  • August 1: Expired members deleted from the AALL membership database and access to the AALLNET Members Only Section and Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum subscriptions discontinued.

For more information or to renew your membership online, view the application form on AALLNET. If you have any questions about your membership renewal, contact AALL Headquarters at or 312/205-8022.


6. AALL2go Pick of the Month

AALL’s Continuing Professional Education Committee presents the AALL2go pick of the month: Web 2.0 Challenge.

Need a refresher on blogs or RSS? New to creating wikis? Want to know what colleagues are saying about the value of social networking for your library? AALL2go offers you solutions.

The AALL Computing Services Special Interest Section (CS-SIS)‘s Web 2.0 Challenge is an online course for law librarians about social media and how to use it in their libraries. It is a comprehensive and social learning opportunity designed for law librarians based on hands-on use of these technologies.

Each of the five sessions includes:

  • An introduction to the topic and suggested learning outcomes for the week
  • A screen cast explaining the technology with step-by-step instructions on its use
  • Links for further learning
  • Examples of libraries/librarians using the featured tool
  • An assignment with activities designed to give you hands-on experience with each tool

Whether you’re just browsing some of the articles listed or you’re looking for additional ideas for a particular social networking solution, you have the flexibility to decide how much or how little information meets your needs. To follow along with the course, log in as a guest. (Guests may access most course content, but may not contribute to the site.)

Find this and more than 80 other free continuing education programs and webinars for AALL members on AALL2go!


7. Unleash Your Inner Leader October 28-29

New law librarians in the early stages of your career—achieve your leadership potential by attending the 2011 AALL Leadership Academy, October 28-29 in the Chicago area. Designed as an intensive learning experience aimed at growing and developing leadership skills, the academy program will help you discover how to maximize your personal leadership style while connecting with other legal information professionals.

The program will feature speakers Gail Johnson and Pam Parr. Johnson is a widely regarded leadership and communications expert and holds a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Parr has extensive business management and customer service expertise. They have conducted many leadership programs for library organizations and will speak at the 2011 American Library Association Annual Conference.

The application period will start April 1, and applications will be due by June 30. Watch for more details coming soon.

Announcements – December 2010

1. Maryland People’s Law Library Launches Redesigned Website

2. AAL2Go

3. National Library of Medicine Announces Disaster Symposium

4. THOMAS Update

5. AMPLL 2011 Conference


Maryland People’s Law Library Launches Redesigned Website

The Maryland State Law Library launched a redesign of the People’s Law Library in December. The new design brings an improved interface, updated content, and many new functionalities to the legal information website. The redesign includes not only a new look for the site, but also new functionality provided by porting the site to the open source Drupal content management system.

The site launch comes after nearly a year of work by library staff members. Over 1000 pages of content have been updated and ported to the new site. In addition, content is now tagged with a taxonomy of legal terms, simplifying user navigation. Among the site’s other new features are link checking, page emailing, print formatting, text scaling, and improved site statistics.

In developing the new site, the library partnered with the Legal Services Network Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP), which worked with an outside developer to build a Drupal template for legal service organizations. Adopting for Drupal leverages the efforts of one of the largest and most dynamic open source development communities. Literally hundreds of modules for extending the capabilities Drupal are free to download from the main Drupal website. The resulting template is in the process of being adopted by legal aid organizations throughout the nation.

The People’s Law Library has been a leading provider of free legal information to pro se litigants in Maryland since the site was launched in 1996. The site benefits from contributions from throughout the non-profit legal community. Over 90,000 unique users visit the site each month and the site had over 19 million hits in fiscal year 2010. The State Law Library assumed management of the site in 2007. To contribute to or learn more about the People’s Law Library Project, write to the site’s Web Content Coordinator at or 410-260-1704.


AALL2go Pick of the Month

AALL’s Continuing Professional Education Committee presents the AALL2go pick of the month: Ten Things Every Law Librarian Needs to Know About Copyright.

This 45-minute humorous skit, performed before a live studio audience, has infamous radio host “Rush Limbaugh” (played by George Pike) interviewing James S. Heller, author of The Librarian’s Copyright Companion, discussing copyright situations that pertain to real life librarians. Rush and James have a lively back and forth conversation with telephone callers who phone in their questions.

This videotaped program was an entertaining way to present the dos and don’ts of copyright. Topics included licensing; four factor fair use, as well as authors’ rights. After the callers’ questions were answered, they opened up questions to the live studio audience made up of attendees of the AALL 2010 Annual Conference in Denver. This session gives valuable information directed at authors, librarians, and patrons in a way that is easy to understand and light.

Find this and more than 60 other free continuing education programs and webinars for AALL members on AALL2go!


National Library of Medicine Announces Disaster Symposium

A Symposium for Information Professionals Meeting Disaster Health Information Needs

National Library of Medicine
Lister Hill Center, NIH Campus, Bethesda, MD

Who should attend?

  • Librarians, library staff, library students, information professionals, informationists, and disaster medicine and public health professionals with a communications focus.

Learn about…

  • Tools for providing disaster health information
  • Communications and disasters
  • Assessing and meeting the information needs of disaster managers and responders
  • Using library facilities to support disaster needs during response and recovery
  • Workforce development for those interested in disaster information
  • Disaster resources for librarians – building a community of practice
  • Medical Library Association’s new disaster information specialization

Why attend?

  • Network with other disaster-minded information professionals
  • Medical Library Association continuing education credit will be offered
  • No cost for symposium registration

Register Here



A recent update of enhancements and additions to THOMAS has been released. Enhancements include converting GPO Access links to FDsys, search enhancements, additional detail to the Bill Summary & Status display, and additional metadata.

Read more….


AMPLL 2011 Conference

All private law librarians are encouraged to apply for the Eighth Advanced Management for Private Law Librarians (AMPLL) Conference, sponsored by the LexisNexis Librarian Relations Group. This year’s conference will be held April 8 – 10, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  Applications due by December 31, 2010.


Redefining ourselves in the new law firm landscape: changes, challenges and opportunities.


  • Our world: appreciate and capitalize on intimate knowledge of the legal industry
  • Our firm: collaborate to create and leverage strategic opportunities
  • Our department: measure and communicate value
  • Our staff: cultivate the staff you want
  • Ourselves: enhance time management, project management and soft skills

Application deadline is December 31, 2010, and all applicants will be informed by February 18, 2011.  Previous applicants who did not attend are encouraged to apply again.

Additional information can be found at: AMPLL 2011 and the application to attend can be found at: