Four Positions: Washington, D.C.

Position: Librarian
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $64,957 – $84,441

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This position is located in the U.S. Serials & Government Documents Section, U.S./Anglo Division, Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access Directorate, Discovery And Preservation Services.
The position description number for this position is 058498.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.


Manages and completes the acquisitions process for serials and government documents, whether through purchase, gift, government transfer or web archiving. Coordinates proper purchasing information, correct bibliographic identification, and correct coding in information systems. Contacts dealers, subscription agents, vendors, overseas offices and/or government agencies to coordinate the order process. Interacts with vendors and publishers in the acquisition of serials subscriptions. Examines requests for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements, including any needed preparations for web archiving, and to identify acquisition of out-of-scope materials. Maintains liaison with recommending officials and subject specialists to ensure cross-organizational effectiveness. Determines availability of funds, reviews and approves invoices for payment for all formats of material.

Catalogs serials, government documents in all formats and within established standards. Assigns subject headings to catalog entries. Selects and assigns classification numbers. Establishes personal and corporate names and uniform titles for inclusion in the name authority file. Consults with supervisor and cataloging policy staff to recommend changes and additions in descriptive and subject cataloging rules.

Obtains, analyzes, and organizes information using standard reference tools and established techniques and practices. Analyzes and organizes standard subject data to determine its relationship to the existing collections, for proper main entry, and the need for added entries. Analyzes material to determine subject content. Applies standard rules, guidelines, and reference tools and established techniques and practices. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to cataloging-related issues.

Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments related to collection development support, in coordination and collaboration with supervisor, senior staff and/or recommending officers. Identifies individual digital serials in need of cataloging and access within web archive collections. Selects government documents for collections, received through the Library’s transfer program, in accordance with established guidelines. Reviews assignments received in Library’s request for acquisitions online system and takes appropriate action to identify processing and custodial requirements, ensuring conformity with established guidelines. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to collection development policies.

Works to maintain personal contacts and cooperative work relationships in order to provide or exchange information. Offers suggestions and advice to supervisor on operational and technical problems. Collaborates with supervisor and other staff in planning and implementing team activities including: workflow procedures, team priorities, projects of an experimental nature, goal setting and strategies for meeting team production goals. Assists others inside and outside the Library with language, subject, acquisitions and cataloging problems.

Position: Archivist
Location: Architect of the Capitol
Salary: $78,592 – $102,166

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This position is assigned to the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO), Curator Division, Records Management and Archives Branch. The incumbent serves as an Archivist and performs duties involving archival description, projects, operations and services.


This is a career ladder position requiring the incumbent to perform progressively more complex duties and responsibilities leading to the full performance level of GS-12.

The Records Management and Archives Branch preserves and safeguards the AOC archival collection, which consists of the historically valuable drawings and textual records (paper, electronic, and other formats) that document the administrative history of the AOC and the history of the Capitol Complex. The Records Management and Archives Branch also provides records management services for the agency, including but not limited to maintaining the AOC records schedules and providing guidance on appropriately applying the records policies and the records retention and disposition authorities.


Archival Description

The incumbent contributes to the maintenance and update of archival finding aids and collection management systems.

Assigns records to record groups, series, and subseries. Contributes research to support determining the provenance of ambiguous records collections. Suggests where finding aids may be needed and contributes to efforts to identify and develop needed finding aids.

With guidance, trains and develops archival description and collection management systems training content for the branch staff. Provides technical support for the collection managing systems. Contributes to the development of the archival description work plan, priorities, and metrics. Advises the supervisor of progress, trends and issues.

Archival Projects and Records Management

The incumbent performs assigned archival projects and activities, such as but not limited to archival accessioning, appraisal, arrangement, holdings maintenance, preservation, and reformatting according to archival principles and best practices to increase accessibility and ensure the safe handling of archival records.

Assists in the planning, scoping, prioritizing, management, and tracking of archival projects. Contributes to the development of internal archival procedures, quality controls, and metrics.

Assists with archival space and physical collection planning, management, environmental monitoring and integrated pest management. Supports the Curator Division emergency response team during an event.

Supports the identification, planning, and coordination to achieve the transfer of eligible permanent records. Provides input for records appraisals for records management schedule.

Provides basic technical direction for junior archival staff and archivist aides (student interns). Provides outreach and helps generate outreach content to promote the archival collection, records management and branch services to agency staff.

Reference and Research Services

The incumbent provides comprehensive references and research to support agency leadership and employees with official research needs related to the archival collection and agency history. Assists with identifying and capturing historical agency information from non-AOC repositories and sources that contribute to the documentation and understanding of historical agency subject matter. Maintains access safeguards.

Works with higher graded team members in establishing goals and creates priorities for archival and research projects. Assists in performing research on the administrative history of the agency in response to requests from the Architect and senior staff and in facilitating planning.

Research is inclusive and is performed in the records of the Architect of the Capitol and other repositories holding materials related to the Capitol complex. Prepares summaries of findings. Contributes to the collection of oral histories with agency leadership and staff.

The incumbent must follow all relevant safety rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures. The incumbent must utilize knowledge of and must comply with all OSHA safety rules and regulations to ensure that work progresses in a safe manner. Provides or receives training, either on-the-job or through classroom training, to ensure that all safety practices and equipment are fully utilized.

Position: Librarian
Location: District of Columbia Superior Court
Salary: $94,199 – $122,459

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This position is located in the Superior Court’s library in the Special Operations Division of the District of Columbia Superior Court. The Librarian manages the daily operations of the library, supervises staff, and demonstrates a commitment to excellent customer service.


The incumbent provides a full array of established library functions including but not limited to research, reference, acquisitions, technical services, collection management, library administration, bibliographical work, and cataloging.

Brief Description of the Major Duties:

  • Develops and implements a library program which provides the resources and services required by the operation and mission of the D.C. Superior Court.
  • Manages the overall day-to-day operations of the library including the Moultrie Remote Hearing Room, the office logistics, and staffing requirements to effectively and timely accomplish the goals and objectives of the division’s management action plan (MAP) and the Court’s Strategic Plan.
  • Develops policies, practices, and procedures for library operations and functions and researches new concepts in library administration and services, developments in library information technology, and new publications and other library media.
  • Maintains, monitors, and manages the library’s digital resources to include library systems, databases, and legal research platforms to ensure accurate functionality, troubleshooting issues, validating statistical reports, identifying system gaps, and recommending systems modifications.
  • Tracks D.C. legislation and regulations and maintains files of D.C. Council committee reports for use in legislative history research.
  • Selects and implements an appropriate level of cataloging and classification of library materials; and develops and maintains other information indexes and finding aids to assist research.
  • Assists library users in the location of specific material and implements effective means to inform library users of resources and services, provides instructions on the use of library materials, and provides library orientation and legal research training to new law clerks and court personnel.
  • Works collaboratively with the DC Court of Appeals librarian to promote the values of the Court and share resources, as necessary.
  • Ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including copyright regarding the use of library materials and resources.
  • Collects and analyzes statistical data for the purposes of individual performance evaluations, MAP statistics, Key Performance Indicators, budget, and the preparation of performance and annual reports. Reports may be statistical, narrative, or advisory in nature.
  • Makes recommendations for new software, contracts for electronic resources, and program, process, and policy improvements.
  • Investigates and responds orally and in writing to inquiries and complaints from Judicial officers and staff, other court personnel, outside agencies, attorneys, and the public.

Position: Legal Reference Librarian
Location: Law Library of Congress
Salary: $78,592 – $102,166

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The incumbent of this position is exempt from flextime and compflex time and is assigned to work a special fixed/rotational schedule (8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) that involves day, evenings, weekends and holiday schedules; and the selected incumbent “must be consistently able and willing to work evenings, weekends and holidays based on the operational and service requirements of the Law Library as a condition of employment.”

Responds to United States legal and legislative reference inquiries from Members of Congress, congressional committees, the White House, federal and state courts and agencies, libraries, the bar, and the general public. Inquiries may be received by telephone, in person, in writing, and by electronic means. Locates information, often of a specialized or technical nature, from a wide variety of published and unpublished legal and legislative information sources and electronic databases. Advises researchers on research methodologies. Directs users to the proper specialists, resources, or services within the Law Library and other areas of the Library of Congress.

Conducts legal and legislative research, and produces written responses to U.S. federal and state legal and legislative reference and research inquiries requiring tailored responses. Prepares reports, bibliographies, letters, memoranda, finding aids, informational brochures, research guides, and other written products. Gathers information from a wide variety of sources, both electronic and in print or other media. Identifies, examines, and evaluates major publications and trends in the law.

Provides online and in-person instruction to Law Library users and staff on the content, nature, and use of Law Library print and electronic resources, as well as legal research methodologies. Assists in the development of instructional offerings that educate users on legal research sources and strategies. Delivers orientations to groups and individuals on Law Library operations and services, and conducts briefings on the U.S. legal system, and functions and inter-relationships of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government under the U.S. constitutional scheme. These orientations and briefings may be delivered to Members of Congress; their staffs; U.S. federal and state jurists and attorneys; legal scholars; representatives of U.S. federal and state, foreign, and international governments; dignitaries; and students.

Provides training for junior reference and circulation staff, and legal information technicians. May be assigned to review and/or revise work to provide initial quality control and aid in the training process. Conducts analysis of training needs and services.

Develops professional contacts within and outside the organization in order to provide or exchange information and professional knowledge. Professional contacts are with library users, supervisors, library staff, other national libraries, library and information networks, information centers, experts in government agencies, associations, the private sector, and/or research groups. Motivates and influences clientele to fully utilize programs and services. Depending on Law Library priorities and requirements, attends workshops, conferences, seminars, or meetings relating to trends and issues in law and law librarianship for the purpose of professional development. Provides orientations to distinguished visitors and conducts tours, as assigned.

Surveys and evaluates print and electronic collections to identify currency issues. Identifies, recommends and resolves collection processing issues relating to assigned areas / subjects / jurisdictions of the Reading Room collections. Recommends alternative titles to and the removal of titles from assigned portions of the Law Library reference collections. Searches acquisitions lists for new titles and other materials in various formats for the Reading Room’s collection as requested.

Reviews collections on a continual basis and exercises care to ensure collection material is properly handled and kept secure to avoid loss or damage. Reviews a variety of foreign and domestic sources for information about available materials. Contributes to digital collection development and management projects, such as web archiving and/or compiling and organizing websites based on current public policy issues. Determines permissibility of copying materials based on the preservation needs of the material. Understands current and public policy issues in his/her area of expertise in order to develop collections that anticipate researcher inquiries and demands.

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  • Applicants must have had progressively responsible experience and training sufficient in scope and quality to furnish them with an acceptable level of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the position without more than normal supervision.
  • Ability to apply knowledge of the principles, concepts, and techniques of library science to the organization and dissemination of legal information.**
  • Ability to communicate legal and legislative information and analysis in writing.**
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a library or information center environment.**
  • Ability to utilize information technology and online legal resources.**
  • Ability to provide training and mentorship.
  • Ability to interact collaboratively with a diverse group of people.
  • Ability to plan and implement library programs.
  • Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing.