Three Positions: Washington, D.C.

Position: Hybrid Acquisitions and Cataloging Library Technician
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $64,957 – $84,441

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This position is located in the Asian and Middle Eastern Division, Acquisitions & Bibliographic Access Directorate, Discovery And Preservation Services.
The position description number for this position is 173746.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
The incumbent of this position will work a full time, flexitime work schedule.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.


This position is located in the Asian and Middle Eastern Division, under the Directorate of Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access. It is a hybrid position that combines the major technician duties for the functions of acquisitions, cataloging, and serials control. The duties include performing acquisitions searching, placing orders, receiving items, paying invoices, serials check-in, and any other activities needed to support the acquisitions of materials for the library. The duties also include those to support the function of performing cataloging for the library such as shelflisting, record creation, copy cataloging, database maintenance activities, and searching. There is a foreign language requirement for this position determined by the geographical area for which functions are performed. For example, staff processing and cataloging materials from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau require knowledge of the Chinese language.

A qualified candidate performs copy cataloging for a variety of materials and formats in an automated cataloging environment. Descriptively catalogs original materials where the bibliographic characteristics of the material are relatively easy to determine and cataloging decisions are made within established standards. Searches entries in automated and manual catalogs. Completes routine authority work; consults with librarians for subject headings; and refers problems to librarians. Selects and assigns classification numbers. Performs content designation on newly created and updated bibliographic records. Performs database maintenance including modifications, updates, and corrections. Creates and revises bibliographic records, including initial bibliographic control records (IBCRs). Resolves routine problems and inconsistencies in the cataloging process promptly and independently, involving librarians or the section head on only the more difficult problems.

Communicates with a wide variety of patrons by telephone, letter, or electronic means regarding routine and non-routine questions on paid acquisition and Gifts and Exchange materials. Provides complex technical information in clear, straightforward language. Prepares acquisition acknowledgment letters, and pays invoices. Determines the best way of formulating requests and selecting and presenting information.

Efficiently searches online databases, such as OCLC, or integrated library systems, to locate records to use for copy cataloging, or to identify duplicate records or previously processed records. Searches names, uniform titles, series, and subject access points on bibliographic records to verify their existence in the appropriate Library authority files. Performs special searches of various on line catalogs to locate and/or verify bibliographic data for acquisitions functions. To identify the relationship of the piece in hand to the collection as a whole completes complex manual and computerized searches in multiple systems.

Receives and accessions one or more special category materials. Logs materials into and out of the workflow. Distributes materials to the correct section, shelf, or individual staff member. Performs end-stage processing for materials; creates labels for materials. Routes processed materials to the correct locations in the Library. Works closely with Collections Improvement Section or custodial divisions to resolve bibliographic problems raised during shelflist conversions, pinning-and-linking activities, Romanization conversions, and physical inventories of the collection. Follows a substantial number of pertinent instructions concerning the recognition and comparison of dates, authors, titles, etc.

Position: Research Librarian
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $64,957 – $84,441

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The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Division is accepting applications under its 2023 Graduate Recruit Program for a Research Librarian. This position will be filled at the GS-09 level (see “Duties” below).

Please note: Applicants selected for this position may be considered for other similar CRS Graduate Recruit Positions.


About the Graduate Recruit Program:

Initial appointments under the Graduate Recruit Program will be made for a period up to 120 days. Initial appointments are expected to convert to permanent, contingent upon the participant’s successful performance, completion of all degree requirements, and availability of funding. Those students who return to school to complete their advanced degree program may be eligible for a permanent position once they obtain their degree.

About CRS

CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation. As shared staff to congressional committees and Members of Congress, CRS experts assist at every stage of the legislative process—from the early considerations that precede bill drafting, through committee hearings and floor debate, to the oversight of enacted laws and various agency activities.

CRS is well known for analysis that is authoritative, confidential, objective, and nonpartisan. Its highest priority is to ensure that Congress has immediate access to the nation’s best thinking on public policy issues of interest to its Members and Committees.




The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade (FDT) Division is seeking a Research Librarian in the Research and Library Services Section. The section broadly supports the work of Congress in issue areas including defense management and budget; defense policy and arms control, foreign policy and global issues, international trade and finance; Middle East and Africa; Asia; and, Europe and the Americas.

This Research Librarian position will provide research and library services to CRS policy analysts and congressional clients, focusing on the areas of the world in particular with a legislative function.

Candidates earning a Master of Library Science (MLS) or equivalent degree and background working in a library, information center, or research organization are encouraged to apply. Previous experience with public speaking in an instructional capacity is desired.

The research librarian position carries promotion potential to the GS-13 level.

Position: Librarian (Acquisition)
Location: Department of Justice Library Staff
Salary: $94,199 – $145,617

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

The Department of Justice Library Staff is dedicated to acquiring and preserving a superb collection of resources in all formats, furnishing access to information wherever it exists, providing expert assistance in using relevant information resources and maintaining welcoming, comfortable facilities. This position provides acquisitions and technical support and services and provides a complete range of library and related information services to the Offices, Boards, and Divisions of the DOJ.


As the federal agency whose mission is to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans, the Department of Justice is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. To build and retain a workforce that reflects the diverse experiences and perspectives of the American people, we welcome applicants from the many communities, identities, races, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, religions, and cultures of the United States who share our commitment to public service.

  • Assist the Library Acquisitions Chief in administering the Library’s procurement and contracting programs, including placing orders, establishing and monitoring publication contracts, resolving procurement problems, and developing acquisitions program policies and procedures;
  • Assist with the management of the Library’s budget and financial programs, including analyzing historical data and serving as the liaison to other agency offices for budget and financial matters;
  • Compile and prepare Library acquisitions and budgetary data and reports and prepares budget estimates;
  • Prepare, process, and maintain Library acquisition and financial documents;
  • Research past and current information for pre- and post-contractual information requirements and resolve financial discrepancies;
  • Analyze and solve complex financial problems using a wide variety of sources;
  • Develop reports and documentation in response to audit findings and new government-wide and Department of Justice initiatives; and
  • Provide reference and research services to Library users.