Nine Positions: Washington, D.C.

Position: Librarian
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $61,947 – $80,532

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


The position is located in the Asian and Middle Eastern Division, Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate, Discovery and Preservation Services.
The position description number for this position is 058498.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.
The incumbent for this position will work a flexitime work schedule.


Catalogs a variety of materials in an automated cataloging environment where the bibliographic characteristics of the material are relatively easy to determine and cataloging decisions are made within established standards. Searches entries in automated and manual catalogs. Assigns headings to catalog entries. Selects and assigns classification numbers. Establishes personal and corporate names and uniform titles for inclusion in the name authority file.

Establishes and recommends subject headings for inclusion in the subject authority file and classification schedule. Creates and revises bibliographic records, authority records, and classification schedules. Performs content designation of bibliographic and authority records. Performs research in the cataloger’s reference collection, online databases, the world wide web, and the collections of the Library. Recommends resolutions to problems and inconsistencies in the cataloging process.

Provides services and deals with materials that are non-technical in nature, of limited technical complexity, or easily acquired. Coordinates proper purchasing information, correct bibliographic identification, and correct coding in the information system. Contacts dealers, subscription agents, vendors, overseas offices, government agencies, and/or exchange partners to coordinate the order process. Consults acquisition reference material to determine whether recommended item is appropriate for purchase, copyright claim, exchange, gift, loan, or other type of acquisition. Examines recommendations for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements and to identify acquisition of out-of-scope materials. Maintains liaison with recommending officials and subject specialists to understand their needs. Consults acquisition reference material to determine whether recommended item is appropriate for purchase. Reviews and approves invoices for payment for all formats of material. Determines availability of funds.

Obtains, analyzes, and organizes information using standard reference tools and established techniques and practices. Analyzes and organizes standard subject data to determine its relationship to the existing collections, for proper main entry, and the need for added entries. Analyzes material to determine subject content. Applies standard rules, guidelines, and reference tools and established techniques and practices. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to cataloging-related issues.

Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments related to collection development support, with review by supervisor, senior staff and/or recommending officers. Assists in examination of incoming shipments to select items appropriate for the collections, in accordance with established guidelines. Assists in examination of recommendations for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements, and to ensure conformity with established guidelines. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to collection development policies.

Works to maintain personal contacts and cooperative work relationships in order to provide or exchange information. Consults with Team Leader and cataloging policy staff to recommend changes and additions in descriptive and subject cataloging rules. Offers suggestions and advice to Team Leader on operational and technical problems. Collaborates with Team Leader and other staff in planning and implementing team activities including: workflow procedures, team priorities, cataloging projects of an experimental nature, goal setting and strategies for meeting team production goals. Assists others inside and outside the Library with language, subject and cataloging problems.

Position: Law Librarian
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $106,823 – $138,868

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


The American Law Division (ALD), one of the Congressional Research Service’s (CRS) five research divisions, is seeking a Law Librarian to support the work of the U.S. Congress. Candidates with a degree in library or information science (e.g., MLS, MIS, MLIS, MSLS) are encouraged to apply.


In this capacity, the Law Librarian serves as an expert in legal reference and information research; organizes and develops projects in those fields, including training projects for a wide variety of subjects; and organizes, develops, and implements plans for specific projects. The Law Librarian is also responsible for initiating, planning, and implementing diverse research projects in support of Congress and ALD regarding a wide range of legal issues. The Law Librarian evaluates and solves complex research problems in short time frames in response to existing or anticipated client requests; identifies, examines, and evaluates major publications, electronic resources and trends in preparing in-depth and complex research; and provides comprehensive legal and legislative reference services.

CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation. As a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress, CRS has been a valued and respected resource on Capitol Hill for more than a century.

CRS is well known for analysis that is authoritative, confidential, objective, and nonpartisan. Its highest priority is to ensure that Congress has immediate access to the nation’s best thinking on legal and public policy issues of interest to its Members and Committees.

Duties include:

Organizes and develops information and materials for use in projects for ALD, including tracking litigation, legislative, and regulatory developments, to assist Congress in its consideration of legislation and its oversight of federal agencies. Identifies, evaluates and assesses the relevance of materials acquired for inclusion in information resources based on questions, requirements, and priorities. Applying knowledge of various technologies creates and maintains electronic information systems. Designs electronic systems to manage and organize information, and coordinates with information technology stakeholders to ensure smooth functioning of the shared CRS system and electronic resources.

Initiates, plans, and implements a wide variety of research projects in support of legislative and legal policy issues. Designs and executes comprehensive and complex data searches, often using knowledge of emerging technologies and electronic resources. Adapts research techniques from other disciplines and identifies alternative information resources. Solves problems involving relationships among different reference functions, and recommends appropriate resources for CRS.

Organizes, develops, and schedules training projects for individuals and groups at varying levels of sophistication. Instructs internal and external clients on the use of research tools, shared electronic workspaces, or electronic support for ALD’s research and analysis activities.

Provides comprehensive legal and legislative reference services.

Consults with information professionals throughout CRS regarding the development/enhancement of information research and service to CRS. Collaborates with analysts, specialists, attorneys, and information professionals to procure information and to support legal or reference databases and other information tools for legal staff.

  • The position description number for this position is 013246.
  • The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
  • The incumbent of this position will work a flextime or compflex work schedule.
  • The tour of duty for this position is full-time.
  • This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.
  • Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.

Position: Librarian (Technical Services)
Location: Government Publishing Office
Salary: $61,947 – $97,430

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


This position is part of the Library Services and Content Management, Government Publishing Office in Washington , District of Columbia.


  • Life cycle management of Federal Government publications: performs a wide variety of technical services tasks associated with all aspects of life cycle management of government information within LTS.
  • Work specifically requires the incumbent to learn workflows including processes and procedures associated with content acquisitions, bibliographic control, library technical services support, serials management and quality control.
  • Content Acquisitions: identifies appropriate Federal Government information resources (monographs, serials, and other formats) to be acquired for all Programs in LSCM.
  • Uses knowledge of library technical service processes to make contributions to improve library technical services (LTS) operations. Serials Management: identifies information products that are serials and processes accordingly.
  • Customer Outreach: handles inquiries from libraries in the FDLP via Ask-GPO by researching and answering questions concerning issues related to acquisitions, cataloging, serials control and information product processing.

Position: Archives Technician
Location: Department of the Navy
Salary: $45,574 – $65,831

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

You will serve as an Archives Technician in the History and Archives Division (400) of NAVAL HISTORY AND HERITAGE COMMAND.


  • You will process requests for information in regard to archives.
  • You will review, arrange, and/or preserve naval history records.
  • You will interpret, adapt, and utilize policies, guidelines, and regulations in regard to archive management.
  • You will provide reference and research services under Archival, Records Management, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) instruction.

Position: Librarian
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $89,834 – $116,788

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in the FEDLINK Network Operations Section, FEDLINK Division, Library Enterprises Directorate, Office of the Chief Operating Officer.
The position description number for this position is 013346.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
The incumbent of this position will work a flextime, full-time work schedule.


The Federal Library and Information Center (FEDLINK) is an interagency organization of federal agencies established originally as the Federal Library Committee by the Librarian of Congress, at the behest of federal librarians and the Office of Management and Budget (The Bureau of the Budget). FEDLINK’s purpose is to foster excellence in federal library and information services through interagency cooperation FEDLINK also serves as a forum for discussion of federal library and information policies, programs, and procedures to help inform Congress, federal agencies, and others concerned with library and information centers. FEDLINK serves over 1,000 federal libraries and information centers as their purchasing, training and resource-sharing consortium. Using FEDLINK contracts, federal libraries, information centers and other offices obtain services directly from commercial sources, including electronic databases; cataloging, interlibrary loan, acquisitions, and serials control support from bibliographic utilities; ordering services of book jobbers and serials subscription agencies. The FEDLINK network also functions as a center for evaluating new library technologies. FEDLINK Network Operations (FNO) serves as the technical program office for FEDLINK, and provides staff support for program activities. FNO advises and assists FEDLINK members in the procurement and use of library-oriented commercial systems, software, services and publications. FNO provides technical support for FEDLINK’s procurement program for information services and publications by preparing technical specifications, solicitations and other contract documents; coordinating technical review panels for vendor proposals; and serving as the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representatives. FNO supports a broad range of informational and educational programs including training and demonstrations of library and information services, technology and best practices, for the benefit of U.S. Federal libraries throughout the world.

Initiates, establishes, and maintains professional relationships with librarians, cooperative partners, and other specialists in order to establish contracts and share information as well as to coordinate processes within FEDLINK and between FEDLINK and its partner companies and customer agencies. As a consultant, recommends changes in procedures, workflows, and tools. Regularly explains technical information to individuals or groups. Conducts workshops and orientation sessions for staff and visitors. Represents the organization at conferences, seminars and exhibits. Attends workshops, conferences, seminars, or meetings in librarianship and other relevant fields for the purpose of professional development and to represent FEDLINK and its membership. Serves as a liaison with companies in a specific subject area or areas, e.g. cataloging, Interlibrary Loan, or reference services. As assigned, serves as liaison to FEDLINK working groups, e.g. the FEDLINK Education Working Group; serves on other LC committees or task forces as the work requires.

Organizes and coordinates assignments that involve complex and novel or obscure problems and/or special requirements. Uses initiative and resourcefulness to deviate from or extend accepted methods, techniques, and practices. Recommends solutions or resolves important issues when precedents do not apply. Recommends new companies and service areas for the FEDLINK program. Revises existing technical specifications for statements of work to reflect changes in technology and practices. Serves as Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative for one or more areas of FEDLINK services, and as chair of technical panels evaluating proposals from vendors of library services. Identifies areas for improvement in established methods. Develops and shares new information sources. Performs detailed analyses and evaluations of requests. Prepares reports, analyses, and other documents related to information and research efforts.

Writes and/or edits materials of a highly complex subject matter utilizing an extensive knowledge of a subject area to provide accurate interpretation and explanation of the subject. Analyzes and reviews the preparation and organization of complex projects. Performs the review of the preparation and processing for the final material being produced. Provides technical guidance and trains new staff or interns in processing large and difficult projects.

This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.

Position: Library Technician
Location: Government Publishing Office
Salary: $50,643 – $65,831

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


GPO employees possess a diverse array of talent in many administrative fields and trades. We provide other agencies with innovative services for the printing, publishing, storage, and distribution of digital content. If you are an energetic, inventive individual looking for a challenging, yet rewarding career opportunity, GPO may be the place for you.

This position is part of Library Services Content Management, Government Publishing Office in Washington, District of Columbia.


  • Conducting quality assurance on digitally reformatted publications.
  • Identifying and compiling bibliographic metadata about publications in all formats.
  • Organizes digital content according to program specifications.
  • Inspects and assess the condition of material.
  • Receives, unpacks shelves, and repacks materials sent to GPO for digitization, organizing by title, call number and/or date.

Position: Science Librarian
Location: American University
Salary: $70,000 – $73,000

Full vacancy announcement available on ALA Joblist.


American University Library invites applications from innovative, energetic, and service-oriented librarians to fill a continuing appointment faculty position supporting the Science Departments and Programs of the College of Arts and Sciences, beginning as soon as possible and subject to budgetary approval. Rank will be dependent upon experience and stature in the field at the assistant level.

Responsibilities: As the Research and Instruction Librarian for Science (Science Librarian), the librarian will be the point person for research assistance, information literacy instruction and collection development in support of the curriculum and faculty research in the science cluster (including Psychology) of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), as well as science-related research across campus. The Science Librarian will work closely with the faculty and administration of the science cluster of CAS to ensure that the University Library is able to meet their research and pedagogical needs and to increase awareness of library resources and services. In collection development, the Science Librarian reviews and selects research materials to support faculty and student research in the sciences and actively engages with vendors. This position provides high-level subject specific research assistance to CAS faculty and students in the sciences, as well as basic research assistance to all students and faculty and teaches subject specific instruction sessions and participates in the baseline information literacy instruction for all students. The Science Librarian creates appropriate online tools to support CAS students and faculty and supports interdisciplinary initiatives across academic units, for example research centers, that require expertise in science librarianship. This position serves on library cross-functional teams and participates in decisions that affect the overall research materials collection. The Science Librarian assists all relevant entities in self-studies and reaccreditation.

The Science Librarian is a member of Research, Teaching and Learning (RTL) and reports to the Associate Director of RTL. As a member of RTL, the Science Librarian also participates in broader initiatives as part of the library.

Library faculty members participate in university governance activities. The Science Librarian also consults regularly with CAS teaching faculty and administrators. The Science Librarian actively supports DEI initiatives within the University Library and within CAS. Continuing Appointment library faculty members are expected to contribute to the profession of librarianship, and to participate in campus-wide and library-wide activities.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide Information Literacy Instruction

  • Support CAS by teaching integrated information literacy sessions within Science disciplines including: Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Environmental Science; Mathematics and Statistics; Neuroscience; Physics; Psychology. Specific divisions or programs served may change according to changes at the university.
  • Support science labs by helping them incorporate an information literacy focus.
  • Work with CAS Faculty to develop instructional materials for information literacy, e.g. tutorials, course LibGuides, and rubrics.
  • As the liaison to the CAS science cluster, work with appropriate committees, administrators and faculty to incorporate information literacy learning objectives and intervention appropriately into the curriculum.
  • Teach baseline information literacy skills to Writing Studies classes.
  • Participate in departmental information literacy initiatives as a member of RTL, e.g. walk-in workshops, assessment and analysis projects, and pedagogical explorations, other instruction as needed.

Provide Research Support and Outreach Services to the CAS Community

  • Partner with the CAS community to discover information resources and data through consulting on research projects, providing research assistance, facilitating access to online resources, and finding science information resources through individual consultations (in person and online) and through email.
  • Support any student or faculty member, regardless of departmental affiliation, with consultations concerning advanced subject specific research requiring science information resources.
  • Provide consultations on best practices and resources to accomplish research activities.
  • Work with appropriate stakeholders to develop new library programs to best serve the research needs of science faculty and students, such as services that support digital scholarship.
  • Participate in department-wide services to serving the broader AU community and public with basic research assistance.
  • Participate in outreach programs in person and online. Provide support and outreach to research centers.

Curate the Science Collection

  • Purchase materials required to support the curriculum of the CAS science cluster, the research of the faculty, and the long-term research needs of the university as related to resources related to the sciences.
  • Appropriately de-select or cease subscriptions to science information resources in relationship to the budget, the curriculum, the research needs of the faculty, long-term commitments to the regional and national intellectual record, and trends in publishing.
  • Serve on the library body that oversees the overall university library collection, excepting special collections and archives.

Develop and Manage Web Based Resources

  • Develop and maintain web pages related to science information resources and services on the LibGuides platform.
  • Consult with stakeholders on any changes to the enterprise systems that impact access to Science information resources.

Other Duties

  • Potential supervisory responsibilities
  • The Science Librarian may be asked to perform other duties as operational needs arise.

Service to the Profession

  • Participate in advancing the profession of Librarianship or the academic field in the Sciences through original research, relevant service to professional and scholarly societies, publications, or impactful presentations in professional or scholarly
  • venues.

Service to the University

  • Participate in the shared governance of American University and American University Library through active participation on university and library committees and engagement in work that meaningfully furthers the university and library outside
  • of the primary duties of the position.


  • An ALA accredited M.L.S is required.
  • Professional experience in an academic or research institution is highly preferred.
  • A degree in science or a related field is highly preferred.
  • Deep knowledge of current and emerging ideas, practices, trends and technologies that support science librarianship.
  • Ability to understand, anticipate, and respond to priorities and trends in the library, university and academia regarding science librarianship.
  • Must be able to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Demonstrated research assistance experience or training is required.
  • Pedagogical experience or training is required.
  • Collection development experience or instruction is required.
  • Evidence of potential for professional contributions and ongoing professional development is essential.
  • Evidence of potential for professional contributions and ongoing professional development is essential.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills; strong public service ethic; and collaborative skills are essential.

Position: Visual Materials Cataloger
Location: Dumbarton Oaks

Full vacancy announcement available on ALA Joblist.

Job Summary

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, a research center in Washington DC affiliated with Harvard University and supporting scholarship in Byzantine, Pre-Columbian, and Garden and Landscape Studies, seeks a Visual Materials Cataloger to work with collections relating to the scholarly programs and the institution’s history. Dumbarton Oaks actively acquires, organizes, preserves, describes, and provides access to photographic documentation in various media; textual and visual records of archaeological surveys and excavations; papers of noteworthy scholars in the three fields of study; records relating to the history of Dumbarton Oaks; prints and drawings; and the scholarly literature in and relating to the three fields of study. The Visual Materials Cataloger will describe photographs, prints, drawings, architectural renderings, archaeological illustrations, and related materials, as well as assist with cataloging and review of metadata for other formats, working collaboratively with the library’s other cataloging staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creates item-level descriptive metadata according to national and local standards for visual materials in JSTOR Forum.
  • Assesses, modifies and migrates legacy item-level metadata for visual materials to JSTOR Forum and other systems.
  • Assists with identifying and preparing materials for digitization.
  • Assists with occasional reference and research support for in-person and remote users.
  • Assists with occasional collection management tasks pertaining to visual materials collections, such as rehousing.
  • Contributes to the Library’s policy and procedures evaluation and development.
  • May supervise and provide training for students, interns, or temporary employees in item-level or image cataloging projects.
  • Serves on working groups and committees as appropriate.

To Apply

The position remains open until filled. Please forward résumé and cover letter detailing relevant qualifications by clicking the link below.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Harvard University views equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging as the pathway to achieving inclusive excellence and fostering a campus culture where everyone can thrive. We strive to create a community that draws upon the widest possible pool of talent to unify excellence and diversity while fully embracing individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, and values.

Dumbarton Oaks is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).


  • MLS from ALA-Accredited program or equivalent degree.
  • Minimum of 2 years professional experience working with metadata in a library or archive.
  • Knowledge of cataloging, subject analysis, classification, and authority control and experience in the application of associated rules and standards, including RDA, AACR2, VRA Core, CCO, DACS, DCRM, LC classification, LCSH, LC Authorities, AAT, TGM, and CCO.

Additional Qualifications

  • Ability to create and manipulate XML documents and data; knowledge of XML encoding schemas such as METS/MODS and EAD.
  • Familiarity with different formats of photographic media and knowledge of best practices for handling, storage, and preservation of archival and special collections materials.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills; proven ability to work independently, establish goals, set priorities and carry out tasks with limited direction.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and effectively as part of a team.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to serve diverse communities of researchers and collaborators.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience providing original cataloging for special collections, especially visual materials.
  • Experience working in JSTOR Forum, Alma, ArchivesSpace and OCLC Connexion.
  • Experience in migrating and/or transforming metadata.
  • Experience with Open Refine, MARC Edit and/or other metadata management utilities.
  • Knowledge of emerging practices related to linked data, RDF, and/or BIBFRAME.
  • Strong research skills.
  • Reading knowledge of one or more languages other than English.

Working Conditions

The University requires all Harvard community members to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and remain up to date with COVID-19 vaccine boosters, as detailed in Harvard’s Vaccine & Booster Requirements. Individuals may claim exemption from the vaccine requirement for medical or religious reasons. More information regarding the University’s COVID vaccination requirement, exemptions, and verification of vaccination status may be found at the University’s “COVID-19 Vaccine Information” webpage:

Position: Catalog Librarian
Location: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Originally posted on the SLA Career Center.

Information about the organization

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is a federally chartered, nonpartisan institution that was created by the US Congress to serve as America’s national memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and an educational institution dedicated to the history and lessons of the Holocaust. The Museum seeks to educate Americans from all 50 states and all walks of life as well as international audiences. The Museum has three areas of expertise: Holocaust remembrance, Holocaust scholarship and education, and genocide prevention.

In carrying out its important memorial and educational mission, the Museum is guided by its institutional values for our workplace: Honor the memory of the victims; carry out our work with dignity, humility, integrity and respect for others; and strive for excellence through teamwork, rigor, and a culture of continuous learning. Consistent respect for others is the foundation for trust, collegiality and inclusion.

Information about the role

This position is located in the Library Branch of the Research and Reference Services Division in the David M. Rubenstein National Institute for Holocaust Documentation (Rubenstein Institute). The United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum Library is a specialized library dedicated to Holocaust and genocide studies. The Library provides general reference and research services to a wide variety of users, including Museum staff, visiting researchers, and the general public. The Library’s collection consists of published materials in a wide variety of formats and languages and aims to provide the nation’s most comprehensive international collection of Holocaust-related materials.

The primary purpose of the position is to provide library cataloging services for a wide range of users engaged in various aspects of Holocaust research. The employee investigates and analyzes data sources to perform a variety of duties related to bibliographic access (cataloging) as well as one or more library functional areas such as acquisition, collection development and digital access. The catalog librarian reports to the Chief of the Library Branch, with the position located at the David and Fela Shapell Family Collections, Conservation and Research Center in Bowie, Maryland.

This is a full-time donated position (non-Federal) paid with the Museum’s private funds. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Duties, and Responsibilities for the role

  • Performs original and copy cataloging, including descriptive cataloging, subject cataloging, classification assignment, and shelflisting, for published materials in a variety of languages and formats including books, serials, electronic resources, online resources, audio and video recordings, and microforms.
  • Applies current national and institutional library cataloging rules, standards, and practices, and utilizes the full range of cataloging tools to make comprehensive cataloging information pertaining to the Holocaust and genocide available to libraries and library users worldwide.
  • Applies national library cataloging and metadata standards including MARC 21, AACR2, RDA, SUDOC, LCSH, Dublin Core, MODS, and other metadata schemas as appropriate.
  • Under supervision of the Chief of the Library Branch, performs authority control and maintenance on metadata records associated with published materials.
  • Works with colleagues across Rubenstein Institute to develop and document institutional practices regarding cataloging policies, procedures, and workflows.
  • Participates in projects to catalog special collections, develops training materials, and creates procedural documentation.
  • Responds to inquiries regarding cataloging practices and performs database maintenance. Resolves and reports cataloging problems in consultation with experts within the Museum and within the broader library and research communities as needed. Maintains currency with national cataloging standards and with innovations in the functionality of cataloging systems.
  • Reports cataloging statistics to the Chief of the Library Branch.
  • Identifies print and non-print resources for the Library’s specialized collection from a variety of vendors in line with the collecting needs of the Museum and its researchers.
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with potential donors and vendors located throughout and outside the United States.
  • Obtains additional information regarding material availability and purchasing terms. Evaluates resources and makes informed recommendations to the Chief of the Library Branch regarding purchase and/or suitability of material.
  • Serves as liaison for Museum staff, volunteers, visiting researchers, other libraries, the private sector, and/or research groups in order to promote the Library’s resources. Represents the Library on Rubenstein Institute committees as appropriate.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications for the role

  • Master’s degree in Library Science from an American Library Association (ALA) accredited program.
  • At least three years of experience with cataloging, authority control, and e-resource management.
  • Reading knowledge of at least one non-English European language, or Hebrew or Yiddish.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of cataloging rules and metadata standards using AACR2 and MARC 21, and relevant practical experience with non-MARC metadata in a library environment.
  • Knowledge of current bibliographic standards and models such as RDA, LCSH, LCGFT, and catalog management procedures/techniques.
  • Working knowledge of OCLC cataloging utilities and modern integrated library system applications.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and execute projects independently.
  • Demonstrated ability to use independent judgment and discretion.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to embrace and implement new technologies and innovative organizational practices.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse range of people in various circumstances.
  • Time management skills, attention to detail, and multitasking.

Preferred Qualifications Minimum Qualifications for the role

  • Experience maintaining and creating name and subject authority records locally and through the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.
  • Project management experience.
  • Knowledge of the Holocaust and modern European history.
  • Knowledge of the Voyager integrated library system.
  • Reading knowledge of multiple non-English European languages and/or Hebrew.