Five Positions: Washington, DC

Position: Circulation Manager
Location: American University

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The Circulation Manager provides coverage and supervision of the circulation desk for all hours that the Pence Law Library is open. This position manages the operation of the circulation department in conjunction with the other circulation manager(s) and the access services librarian This position will be trained to use all appropriate features of the Library’s Integrated Library System, ALMA. The Circulation Manager provides direct supervision for part-time, non-student staff.

Essential Functions

  1. Staffing the circulation desk, including:
  • Performing circulation desk duties;
  • Providing basic directional and information assistance;
  • Finding and retrieving materials for library staff and patrons;
  • Providing direct supervision for part-time non-student staff
  1. Circulating library materials and helping patrons access and navigate library collections and resources
  • Identifying, processing, weeding and circulating the course reserve collection
  • Promoting library materials and services
  • Assisting with accessing materials in all of the library collections, including the library’s special and archival collections
  • Maintaining special collections and displays
  1. Supporting resource sharing through ILL and the WRLC consortium service
  • Preparing and processing loan requests and ensuring materials successfully transit through the ILL and WRLC consortium systems
  1. Maintaining and improving the condition of the library collection and its accuracy in the catalog and other finding aids, including:
  • Shelving of items to ensure the collection is orderly and available;
  • Identifying issues with inventory, item records, physical condition, spine labels and signage
  • Carrying out procedures to identify and reconcile lost, damaged and overdue materials
  • Participating in collection shifting and relocation projects
  • Collaborating with the Access Services and Technical Services librarians on collection related workflow
  1. Ensuring that library space is properly configured and the physical collection is arranged to allow for an optimum learning environment
  2. Working with the Access Services Librarian to create, modify and enforce library policies and procedures:
  • Completing circulation related database maintenance correspondence with patrons
  • Maintaining user, item and circulation records
  • Creating/updating training, tutorials, guides, webpages and signage
  • Maintaining department documentation, files and supplies
  1. Preparing and providing regular reports on circulation and interlibrary loan transactions, library use, seat count, and other departmental activities; generates statistical reports as necessary or requested
  2. Performing special projects, engaging in meetings and other duties as assigned
  • Supervisory Responsibility
  • Each Circulation Manager supervises at least 1 part-time, non-student staff member.

Required Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • 1-3 years of relevant experience
  • Two years of library experience is required.
  • Preferred Education and Experience
  • 2-4 years of relevant experience
  • Training in basic legal research, a paralegal certificate, or equivalent experience is a plus. Experience with Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Office 365 and other Office products is preferred.
  • Experience with library automated systems is preferred. Experience with the Ex Libris ALMA Integrated Library System is a bonus.

Additional Eligibility Qualifications

  • Advanced proficiency with basic computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and searching online databases is required.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Must have the ability to multitask.
  • Ability to exercise discretion, tact and diplomacy while interacting with students, faculty, university staff, management, other stakeholders.
  • Attention to detail and strong communication skills are essential.
  • Hiring offers for this position are contingent on successful completion of a background check

Position: Library Technician
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $60,129 – $78,167

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in the South America Section, African, Latin American, and Western European Division, Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate, Library Services.
The position description number for this position is 173746.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
The incumbent of this position may work a flextime, complex, or maxiflex work schedule.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.


Performs copy cataloging for a variety of materials and formats in an automated cataloging environment. Descriptively catalogs original materials where the bibliographic characteristics of the material are relatively easy to determine and cataloging decisions are made within established standards. Performs CIP verification independently. Completes cataloging data for publications initially cataloged as Cataloging in Publication (CIP) materials. Searches entries in automated and manual catalogs. Assigns headings to catalog entries. Completes routine authority work; consults with librarians for more complex headings; and refers problems to librarians. Selects and assigns classification numbers. Performs content designation on newly created and updated bibliographic records. Performs database maintenance including modifications, updates, and corrections. Creates and revises bibliographic records, including initial bibliographic control records (IBCRs). Resolves routine problems and inconsistencies in the cataloging process promptly and independently, involving librarians or the section head on only the more difficult problems.

Under appropriate review, performs collection development tasks including examination of incoming shipments to select items appropriate for the collections.

Independently performs all aspects of acquisition support work, which includes the acquisition of material by exchange, gift, approvals, Copyright, and the most complex order creation and invoice processing. For recommended materials to be acquired, searches reference sources which may include print, automated files, and internal and external databases. Processes cancellations or adjustments to acquisition records. Assists in determining if material needs to be claimed and issues appropriate claims to suppliers. Sorts and distributes items not destined for the collections. Identifies items for the Duplicate Material Exchange Program (DMEP), for the National Agriculture Library, for the National Library of Medicine, for surplus, and for discard.

Communicates with a wide variety of patrons by telephone, letter, or electronic means regarding routine and non-routine questions on services to publishers and other specialized library services. Provides complex technical information in clear, straightforward language. Provides referrals to library and non-library services such as ISSN, Copyright. CIP, ISBN, U.S .. Postal Service, Patent and Trademark Office, etc., based on an extensive knowledge of these services and the differences among them. Is called on to deal with difficult patrons or callers, e.g., library donors. Prepares acquisition acknowledgment letters, etc. Determines the best way of formulating requests and selecting and presenting information.

Efficiently searches online databases, such as OCLC, RUN, or an integrated library system, to locate records to use for copy cataloging, or to identify duplicate records or previously processed records. Searches names, uniform titles, series, and subject access points on bibliographic records to verify their existence in the appropriate Library authority files. Performs special searches of various on line catalogs to locate and/or verify bibliographic data for acquisitions functions. To identify the relationship of the piece in hand to the collection as a whole completes complex manual and computerized searches in multiple systems.

Receives and accessions one or more special category materials. Logs materials into and out of the workflow. Distributes materials to the correct section, shelf, or individual staff member. Handles returns from the bindery. Performs end-stage processing for materials; creates labels for materials. Routes processed materials to the correct locations in the Library. Works closely with Collections Improvement Section or custodial divisions to resolve bibliographic problems raised during shelflist conversions, pinning-and-linking activities, and physical inventories of the collection. Follows a substantial number of pertinent instructions concerning the recognition and comparison of dates, authors, titles, etc.

Position: Technical Information Specialist
Location: Environmental Protection Agency
Salary: $87,198 – $134,798

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


This position is in the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Data Gathering and Analysis Division, Prioritization and Informatics Branch.
If selected, you must work at the location stated in this announcement.
About the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention:


You will:

  • Modify standard computer-based files used for storage and retrieval of technical data and information;
  • Evaluate and adapt precedents to meet information requirements for the Branch and Division;
  • Modify and adapt databases to fill special needs for information from previous approaches to similar problems or projects;
  • Adapt automated systems to solve a variety of information organization, access and dissemination problems;
  • Serve as a Contracting Officer Representative/project officer and manage various contracts;
  • When entering a Federal job at a grade level lower than the highest promotion potential level, you may be promoted to more complex duties and work more independently as your career progresses.

You will spend 25% of your work time on contracts, grants/cooperative agreements, and/or interagency agreements.

Position: Library Technician (Binding)
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $39,684 – $51,592

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


This position is located in the Processing and Preparation Section, Preservation Services Division, Preservation Directorate, Library Services.
The position description number for this position is 330069.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.
Relocations expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.


This position is not eligible for permanent remote telework.

The incumbent works under the direction of the Head, Library Binding Section performing item assessment, binding preparation, quality assurance, packing and unpacking moderately heavy shipping containers, and shelf preparation for the Library’s collections.

The Binding Technician performs the routine tasks associated with monograph binding preparation activities under close supervision. These tasks include providing the contract binder with complete bibliographic information, concentrating on routine monographic materials requiring call number only.

The Binding Technician performs the routine tasks associated with quality assurance activities under close supervision. These tasks include conducting quality assurance of completed bound volumes for accurate ILS representation, stamping, style and defects in workmanship; primarily inspecting less complex materials (e.g.: unlettered monographs) and inspecting a smaller number of moderately complex materials (e.g.: lettered monographs) with guidance. Directs problem items to more senior Binding Technicians for review and appropriate action.

The Binding Technician performs routine tasks associated with assessment, shelf preparation, shipping and receiving activities under close supervision. These tasks include in a training capacity packing and unpacking shipping containers. Accurately counts and organizes items for shipping and receiving, and performs security scan on received items. In a training capacity staff sort materials delivered from cataloging and custodial units and conduct labeling tasks by affixing call number labels. Accurately identifies items in need of deacidification through pH testing.

Position: Librarian (Portuguese-Language Reference Librarian)
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $60,129 – $78,167

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


This position is located in the Hispanic Reading Room, Hispanic Section, Latin American, Caribbean and European Division, General and International Collections, Library Services.


The divisions in Collection and Services are the Library’s primary gateway to the collections and reference services dealing with the non-English-speaking world. Reference librarians in these divisions provide assistance to researchers in the culture, history, literature, politics, political structure, economies, humanities, and social sciences of these countries and regions. Clients include Congress, foreign and U.S. Government agencies, national and international academics and scholars, research and scientific institutions, the professional and business communities, and the general public. Librarians respond to inquiries that are received in person, by telephone, by correspondence and by electronic media.

Divisions have extensive custodial responsibilities and reference librarians are responsible for collection maintenance and preservation, as well as the development, bibliographic control, processing, and general custody of collections in their field of expertise. Reference librarians also produce bibliographic publications, online reference tools, scholarly programs and colloquia on topics in the areas of their divisions.

Reviews various brochures, catalogs, journals, and other sources of items for possible acquisition to develop collections in areas of subject of geographic responsibility. Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments, which may involve materials in multiple languages and writing systems.

Assists senior reference staff in determining the quality and usefulness of collection materials. Assists in developing strategies for the organization, storage, preservation, and service of materials.

Monitors the condition of collection materials to ensure adherence to established preservation standards and specifications. Brings deteriorating items and those with special needs to the attention of division management. Orients users and explains procedures and regulations governing use and handling of materials in the collection.

Provides reference and instruction to individual researchers and groups where needs are relatively easy to determine from client interviews in person or over the telephone, or from written requests, and the bibliographic source materials are of limited technical complexity and are readily-accessible, i.e., found in the Library’s collection or can be located within a database by use of standard search procedures.

Provides in-person and telephone reference services in a reading room. Responds orally or in writing to inquiries related to assigned field of responsibility. Searches standard databases where the information is relatively stable, such as for bibliographic citations of a general nature. Seeks assistance for locating materials that are not readily accessible.

Develops knowledge of resources in other agencies or institutions to provide informed referrals. Assists patrons with specialized collections under the direction of senior staff.

Coordinates the acquisition of items of limited technical complexity, or those easily acquired. Consults acquisition policies to determine whether items are appropriate for purchase, copyright claim, exchange, gift, or other type of acquisition. Examines recommendations to identify processing and custodial requirements and to identify out-of-scope materials.

Maintains liaison with recommending officers and subject specialists to coordinate acquisition of materials. Provides proper purchasing information and correct bibliographic identification to dealers, subscription agents, vendors, overseas offices, exchange partners, etc. Reviews and approves invoices for payment for all formats of material.

Assists in preparing research guides and finding aids on specific topics of recognized client interest using standard search strategies. Assists senior librarians in revising or updating research materials.

Identifies foreign and international print and electronic resources in a field of specialty to address user needs that are easily determined from interviews or written requests. Provides reference and research services of limited technical complexity. Prepares and updates standard guides to specialized collections and resources.

Performs various other duties as assigned.

This position is not eligible for permanent remote telework.

The position description number for this position is 012535.

The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.

The incumbent of this position will work a flextime work schedule.

This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.

Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.

Position: Records and Information Management Specialist
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $103,630 – $134,798

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.


This position is locate in the Records Management Division, IT Quality and Performance Management Directorate, Office of the Chief Information Officer.
The position description number for this position is 382040.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
The incumbent of this position will work a flextime, compflex or maxiflex work schedule.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.


This position is not eligible for permanent remote telework.

Serves as a subject matter expert in records management and assists staff and management in all aspects of the agency-wide Records Management Program. The incumbent performs records management work which includes planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and other activities involved with respect to records creation, records maintenance and use, and records disposition in order to achieve adequate and proper documentation of the policies and transactions of the Federal Government and effective and economical management of Library operations.

Advises managers and staff on records management issues ranging from basic operations to the most complex and/or sensitive matters, and recommends courses of action for resolution. Maintains access to confidential business information related to employees and management decisions, including the records of the Librarian and senior management.

Oversees, reviews, and analyzes records and information management (RIM) functions. Modernizes records management functions by managing the transition of Library paper records to electronic records. Administers the Records Management Program to align with the Library’s business and mission needs. Collaborates with the Library’s Senior Administration Official (SAO) for Records Management, Office of the General Counsel (OGC), and other Library staff on matters relating to RIM. Establishes and assesses RIM practices to ensure they support the principles of transparency and information sharing throughout the Library and Government. Provides advice and guidance to Records Liaisons and staff on RIM lifecycle requirements. Provides policy and governance on the use of records management tools to ensure best practices and Library compliance with Federal statutes and NARA guidance. Manages the storage and retrieval of inactive records, and coordinates the proper disposition of records consistent with the Library of Congress Records Schedule (LRS) and Government-wide policies and procedures.

Writes administrative correspondence, memoranda, policies, procedures, and reports related to various responsibilities of the Records Management Program. Develops metrics for the Library’s Records Management Program and ensures sound information governance and accountability measures are in place. Maintains and reports
statistics on the Records Management Program’s and the Library’s RIM activities and performance measures to the Library and/or to NARA.

Keeps abreast of emerging technologies and best practices in records management. Develops recommendations and procedures to implement these changes. Develops and conducts periodic RIM quality control reviews, compliance audits, risk assessments, and surveys to measure the effectiveness of electronic systems and for general Records Management Program improvement purposes.

Analyzes RIM business processes and provides recommendations to improve workflow and create efficiencies by making use of automated tools, systems and technology.