Four Positions: Washington, DC

Position: Reference Librarian
Location: National Defense University, Department of Defense
Salary: $63,016 to $81,608

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

NDU develops joint warfighters and other national security leaders through rigorous academics, research and engagement to serve the common defense.

Major Duties

  • Participates in the development and delivery of a comprehensive instructional program focused on research methodology, development of effective research strategies, and critical evaluation and analysis of scholarly resources.
  • Delivers highly-customized research and reference services, utilizing an in-depth knowledge of the theories, principles, practices, and objectives of librarianship in a graduate level, higher education environment.
  • Builds partnership with faculty throughout NDU to provide curriculum development assistance, conducting research to identify and obtain learning materials to support course content and design.
  • Evaluates library holding for strengths, weaknesses, and trends to assure currency and balance in the development of a library collection in all formats that aligns with curricular and research requirements of the University.

Position: Supervisory Librarian (Executive Librarian)
Location: National Gallery of Art
Salary: $132,552 to $199,300 per year

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

The Senior Level Executive Librarian leads and manages the National Gallery of Art’s Library Division (PL), exercising responsibility for library collection development, maintenance, user access, budget, personnel management, policy administration, and overall operational effectiveness. Serves as leader in formulating and realizing the Library’s strategic goals, including comprehensive digitization. The Executive Librarian reports to the Collections, Exhibitions and Programs Officer (P).

As the Executive Librarian, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Planning and Program Evaluation. Is responsible for formulating and implementing the division’s short and long-range strategic plans. Consults with the Collections, Exhibitions and Programs Officer collaborates with senior library managers and other staff to frame appropriate plans for library operations, and to ensure efficient and timely implementation of programs. Assures that ambitious goals and appropriate policies, guidelines, and procedures are set in place to accomplish program
  • Collection Development, Management, and Access. Incumbent is responsible for directing the acquisition, cataloguing, organization, and preservation of the Library’s collections on the history of art and related fields and is responsible for articulating the Library’s acquisitions, cataloging, security, and preservation policies and practices in support of research on art history and related fields.
  • Development Initiatives. Plans and manages the Library’s fundraising initiatives, including corporate, foundation, and individual prospect identification, cultivation, and solicitation. Seeks grant funds for special projects as required.
  • Technology Initiatives. Initiates and develops digital strategies to further the DL mission and to improve library services for the user community.
  • Financial Management. The incumbent makes annual recommendations to the Collections, Exhibitions and Programs Officer and Treasurer on the federal and private operating budgets for the division and on the allocation of space, time, staff, and equipment.
  • Personnel Management. Incumbent ensures the proper management of the PL staff, which is comprised of thirty-nine employees, including three managers overseeing Administration and Technical Services, Reader Services, and Library Image Collections, respectively, and their staffs of librarians, cataloguers, technicians, museum specialists, information technology specialists, administrative and clerical assistants, student aides, and volunteers.
  • Communications, Customer Service, Collegiality, and Public Contact. Represents the Library and its resources to a variety of constituencies, both internal and external.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Position: Librarian (Collections Specialist)
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $60,129 to $78,167

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This position is locate in the African Section, African and Middle East Division, General and International Collections Directorate, Library Services. The incumbent is principally responsible for implementing collections projects, studies, and surveys for the division, concentrating on the areas of security, preservation, inventory control and space management.

The position description number for this position is 382872.

This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.

Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments related to Near East materials, collections management, preservation or security. Receives assignments and carries out projects to meet the needs of AMED, especially related to security, collections management and arrearage projects. Monitors the quality of preserved materials to ensure adherence to established standards and specifications. Receives and performs preliminary processing of library materials from all sources (gift, purchase, transfer, and copyright) in all formats. Opens packages and inspects receipts; sorts; and recommends redirection of misrouted materials to proper destinations.

Uses a knowledge of ILS and other Library applications to train and teach lower graded Library technicians to ensure materials are located more efficiently and effectively and patrons are better served in the reading room.

Analyses and organizes standard subject data that pertains to collections management, preservation, and the Near East. Information is obtained, analyzed, and organized using standard rules, guidelines, and reference tools and established techniques and practices. May participate in formulating plans for changes and improvements in approaches to work. Carries out space management and security projects applying practices adopted from related fields; works as part of a team that may initiate, and complete studies and reports, analyses, and other documents related to materials management.

Maintains personal contacts and cooperative work relationships in order to provide or exchange information. Serves as a liaison and works with staff of the acquisitions and collections management and offsite storage divisions, especially the Gifts Coordinator, the loading dock staff, and off-site storage staff in carrying out these tasks. Attends workshops and meetings in librarianship and other relevant fields for the purpose of professional development. Services on division committees on issues related to preservation, collections management and security.

Responds to requests for information concerning the Near East Section’s multi-lingual collections, and refers the specialized requests to country specialists. Provides reference and research services of limited technical complexity to researchers where user needs are determined easily from interviews or written requests. Relevant electronic database resources and Near East Section’s collection can be readily obtained through standard search strategies. Assists in search techniques and strategies for handling specific types of requests; carries out special searches for lost or misfiled materials from the division’s collection. Develops knowledge of collections for use in performing research tasks. Assists in preparing finding aids and related written products describing research methodologies. Prepares basic and standard responses to in-person, written, telephone, or electronic media inquiries. Assists senior librarians in revising or updating research materials and completing claim and order forms.

Prepares complete preliminary inventories for the records of an agency having a limited variety of functions and a fairly stable organizational and administrative history. Has achieved basic knowledge of the division’s collections; the ability to perform basic historical and technical research. Assists with the full range of curatorial processing, and preservation duties.

Coordinates procedures for routing materials requiring preservation; preparation of materials to be added to the collections. Recommends technical specifications for all supplies, materials, and equipment used in marking, repair, housing, or reformatting. Recommends and implements improved methods for marking, labeling, and library housing, based on changing technologies.

Monitors the appropriate transportation of library materials, internally and externally, to reduce excessive materials handling and ergonomic impact, ensure security, and protect library materials from unnecessary damage.

Position: Supervisory Librarian (Head, Patron Engagement Section)
Location: Library of Congress
Salary: $122,530 to $159,286 per year

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in the Taylor Street, Patron Engagement Section, National Library Services for the Blind and Print Disabled, Library Collections and Services Group.

The position description number for this position is 406316.

The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.

This is a supervisory, non-bargaining unit position.

The position serves as the Head, Patron Engagement Section and directs the activities of staff in the NLS Patron Engagement Section with a focus on patron relations, research, support and services. The position reports directly to the Chief, Patron and Network Engagement Division. The incumbent performs activities that include but are not limited to tertiary technical support on NLS library products and services; provision of library services to overseas patrons; development and distribution of training materials, library-related events and opportunities focused on patron needs; assistive technology and digital accessibility and usability as it relates to the NLS program; consumer relations activities; patron research and data collection and analysis; and other activities focused on patrons, and potential patrons of the NLS program. The incumbent represents NLS at regional and national library conferences and conventions, and initiates and oversees communication and data-gathering relevant to patron-focused improvements in the NLS program. The incumbent advocates for the patron perspective on NLS committees and carries patron-focused insights and information to upper management. The incumbent works across organizational lines with various experts at NLS on projects and programs, ensuring that patron perspective is included in discussions and decisions. The incumbent builds collaborative relationships with other service-providers in the disability field, sharing information and developing opportunities for collaboration and exchange.

Supervises a group of employees performing work up to the GS-13 level.

Provides administrative and technical supervision relative to the staff supervised. Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates, sets and adjusts short-term priorities, and prepares schedules for completion of work; Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of assignments, and the capabilities of employees; Observes workers’ performance; demonstrates and conducts work performance critiques.

Establishes guidelines and performance expectations for staff and clearly communicates these through the formal employee performance management system. Provides informal feedback and periodically evaluates employee performance. Resolves informal complaints and grievances. Recommends appointment, promotion, or reassignment and develops work improvement plans, recommending personnel actions as necessary. Provides advice and counsel to workers related to work and administrative matters. Effects minor disciplinary measures, such as warnings and reprimands, recommending other action in more serious cases. Reviews and approves or disapproves leave requests and certifies time and attendance records for staff. Assures that subordinates are trained and fully comply with safety regulations and safeguard sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) of employees. Furthers the objectives of diversity and inclusiveness by taking positive steps to assure the accomplishment of diversity and inclusiveness and by adhering to nondiscriminatory employment practices in regard to political, religious, or labor organization affiliation or non-affiliation, marital status, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, non-disqualifying disability, age, or other non-merit factor. Coaches employees and recommends training and career-enhancement activities. Oversees contracts managed by CORs in the section.

Plans, establishes, and directs a library outreach and engagement program for patrons focused on the needs and priorities of the blind and print-disabled American as they relate to the NLS Program.

Coordinates staff efforts related to NLS library outreach and engagement services, instruction and training, and access services.

The incumbent manages the Patron Engagement Section, directing activities including library service to United States citizens living abroad; tertiary technical support for NLS products and services including all BARD and digital braille products; consumer relations; patron insights and data collection (in concert with the NLS Data and Analytics Officer); assistive technology and digital accessibility and usability as it relates to the NLS program. The incumbent sets short- and long-term priorities and goals for the section in consultation with NLS management.

The incumbent prepares annual budgets and management plans for the section; researches and recommends new or innovative approaches to address needs relevant to Section activities.