One Position: Washington DC

Position: Library Technician (Digital)
Location: Reformatting Projects Sections, Preservation Services Division, Preservation Directorate, Library Services, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $44,237 to $57,506

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

The primary purpose of this position is to serve as a digital library technician. This position is located in the Reformatting Projects Sections, Preservation Services Division, Preservation Directorate, Library Services.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.
The position description number is 306765

Performs arrangement and description work in a limited body of records that describe digitized materials. Assesses the correctness of item entries in different fields and makes corrections as needed. Identifies duplicate entries. Copies records when needed. Creates new records or modifies existing records as appropriate. Consults with senior staff on a regular basis when correcting or significantly altering database entries.

Performs initial searching functions to locate and identify materials. Conducts searches on a limited
variety of bibliographic files to identify and locate titles, editions, pages, serial volumes and issues, and
reformatted versions in the Library and in other institutions.

Applies knowledge of a limited range of library rules, procedures, and operations to respond to a more routine range of standard library collection maintenance issues. Prepares, organizes, and collates collection materials as necessary for digitization and processes the digital files produced as needed so that they may be included in digital projects. May physically transport collection materials between custodial divisions, conservation offices, scanning operations, and/or contractors. As required, digitizes library materials using scanners or digital cameras according to specifications provided. Receives computer files representing digitized items and files containing associated metadata and places in appropriate locations on servers. Checks files representing digitized items against established quality standards prior to acceptance. Where files fail to meet such standards, documents problems and works with senior staff to request rework.

Completes a sequence of detailed routines in searching online databases. Uses search tools in a variety of online databases that have different search interfaces and protocols. Follows a limited number of applicable instructions concerning the recognition and comparison of dates, authors, titles, filenames, directory structures, and other conventions. Determines whether records describe items in hand or items represented by digital files. Assists in the implementation of digital projects as assigned by senior staff. Creates and updates data in in-house databases for digital project production. Regularly consults senior staff when record inconsistencies are noted.

Performs other various duties as assigned.