Two Positions: Washington, DC

Position: Assistant Librarian
Location: US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Salary: $69,049 – $112,264 per year

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Position Overview:

The Assistant Librarian performs a full range of professional library reference and research services for customers of both the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) and the United States Court of Federal Claims (CFC). The Assistant Librarian reports directly to the Circuit Librarian.

Responsibilities of the Assistant Librarian include, but are not limited to:

Conduct in-depth legal and non-legal research for judges, Special Masters, court executives, chambers staff, OGC attorneys, court personnel, and external users of the library in support of the CAFC and CFC. Assist chambers with the formatting of opinions, in accordance with local policies and procedures. Research and compile information regarding legislative activity and court related news, utilizing both electronic and print resources, including federal government websites.

Manage the computer-assisted legal research program, to include creating a training schedule for newly appointed law clerks and coordinating with external vendors to carry out the training sessions. Develop and conduct training programs, including library orientations and legislative history program. Create and produce electronic resources training videos for court employees. Provide tours of the National Courts Building complex historic houses to visiting judges, dignitaries, attorneys, court staff, and the public.

Evaluate and recommend new resources to add to the library collection. Purge obsolete and/or unwanted resources, while remaining in compliance of federal and local regulations and policies. Relocate materials to enhance the accessibility and functionality of resources.

Create and maintain accounts in computer-assisted legal research programs such as Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg for newly appointed judges, incoming staff, law clerks, and interns/volunteers. Assist users and troubleshoot account issues. Deactivate accounts for separated staff, law clerks, and interns/volunteers.

Participate in managing and maintaining the content of the CAFC internet and intranet websites, in conjunction with the Clerk’s Office, Administrative Services Office, and the Information Technology Office. Perform as an alternate to the Circuit Librarian in posting announcements and making edits to the court website. Perform as an alternate to the technical services librarian in posting opinions and other content. Develop, format, write and/or edit new and existing webpage content. Offer other court units advice and training on the design of externally and internally facing webpages. Provide input to the Circuit Librarian on website and library technology improvements, future requirements, and specifications. Keep abreast of library priorities, policy directions, and management goals. Act as liaison with judges and the courts by serving on committees to represent the library and circuit librarian.

Assist with the coordination and fulfillment of inter-library loan requests. Participate in the planning and execution of library events, such as National Library Week and Constitution Day. Assist with updating visual displays for the Library and the courts. Performs circulation services, as needed, including checking in/out library materials.

Position: Law Librarian
Location: Department of Justice
Salary: $59,534 to $133,465 per year

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The Librarian (Law) position is responsible for providing in-depth, comprehensive legal and multidisciplinary research, collection maintenance and development, orientation and training in using Library resources and services, and has broad programmatic responsibilities for long-term projects that affect the overall effectiveness of the Department of Justice Libraries.

The following duties and responsibilities reflect requirements at the full performance level of the position (GS-13). At the GS-9, 11, and 12 levels, applicants will receive training, development, and/or increased supervision to eventually perform successfully at the full performance level of the position.

  • Provides comprehensive legal and legislative reference services to customers.
  • Solves complex problems that involve relationships among different library reference functions.
  • Provides training and public awareness to customers regarding US Department of Justice legal and legislative library programs and services.
  • Designs, configures, implements, and evaluates automated library systems to improve services.
  • Creates and updates material for library websites, and ensures it adheres to all Department guidelines.
  • Advises and trains experienced librarians in new and emerging library technologies, references, or related information.