One Position: Washington, DC

Position: Supervisory Librarian (Chief, Network Section)
Location: Network Section, National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, Office of the Librarian, Washington, DC
Salary: $142,701 to $170,800

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in the Network Section, National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, Office of the Librarian at the Taylor Street Annex located at 1291 Taylor St., NW, Washington, DC.
The position description number for this position is 262933.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metro area.
The incumbent of this position will work a flextime work schedule.
This is a supervisory, non-bargaining unit position.

Supervises a group of employees performing work up to the GS-14 level. Provides administrative and technical supervision relative to the staff supervised. Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates, set and adjust short-term priorities, and prepare schedules for completion of work; Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of assignments, and the capabilities of employees; Observes workers’ performance; demonstrates and conducts work performance critiques. Establishes guidelines and performance expectations for staff and clearly communicates these through the formal employee performance management system. Provides informal feedback and periodically evaluates employee performance. Resolves informal complaints and grievances. Recommend appointment, promotion, or reassignment and develops work improvement plans, recommending personnel actions as necessary.

Plans and directs the activities and budgets for the entire NLS Network Section. Formulates objectives and priorities for the section within the resources available; justifies additional resources when necessary. Develops and presents section budget proposals and justifications, program statements, management plans, travel and training plans to the director. Takes all steps necessary to assure maximum efficiency of staff and utilization of resources. Makes decisions on complex work problems presented by subordinate supervisors. Acts as the NLS expert on all aspects related to network services and circulation of materials to users. Makes recommendations to the director on policy formulation and program planning for identification, establishment, coordination, and improvement of services provided to and offered by the national network. Serves as a member of the NLS Management team. Analyzes operations of all Network Section sections to determine assignments and responsibilities, and advises the director on the relationships of units to broader programs.

The Chief, Network Section coordinates and monitors the national network of cooperating libraries, serving NLS patrons throughout the United States and its territories. The network includes approximately 100 regional and sub-regional network libraries, and a growing number of Advisory and Outreach Centers nationwide. Duties include implementation and oversight of NLS generated programs, policies and activities affecting the network, as well as maintaining cordial and cooperative relationships with network library employees and parent organizations. The Chief (1) manages major NLS contracts directly affecting the network, (2) responds to high-level issues and concerns from the network, and (3) develops and advises the Director and Deputy Director regarding changes in policies and procedures affecting the network. Sets and interprets the NLS national service policies to state library agencies, directors of major public libraries, other key Federal, state and local agency staff, library educators and other professionals, to assure program understanding and commitment of
resources for high-level services to eligible readers.

Represents the Network Section on the NLS Management Team, bringing perspective, issues, concerns and opportunities to the team based on a broad and evolving knowledge of the network, NLS patrons, and other groups and organizations impacting the NLS program. Assists the team and the director in formulating and implementing policies, programs and practices affecting stakeholders. Represents NLS, fostering cooperation and collaboration with the network libraries and their parent organizations as well as with a broad range of the other groups and organizations. Makes recommendations regarding major changes in program areas. Explains or presents specialized or technical information to individuals or groups with varying backgrounds or levels of experience. Develops and maintains professional standing through a variety of methods, including participation in professional organizations, which may include presenting papers at conferences, seminars, or meetings in librarianship and other relevant fields. Represents and speaks for NLS and the national program at national and regional conferences, seminars, and exhibits. Chairs conference workshops and other meetings at which resources, consumer needs, service delivery systems and inter-agency responsibilities are discussed in person with key agency staff. Has frequent contacts with the public, individual users and consumer groups through informal and professional meetings, presentation of speeches, telephone and correspondence contacts.