Four Positions: Maryland and Washington, DC

Position: Lead Librarian
Location: Agriculture Research Specialist, Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD
Salary: $102,663 to $133,465 per year

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This position is located within the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Agricultural Library (NAL), Information Products Division (IPD), Information & Customer Services Branch (ICSB) in Beltsville, MD.

The incumbent serves as the Team Leader for the ICSB Customer Services Unit and is responsible for policy making, planning, managing, organizing, directing, and evaluating the activities and functions of the ICSB Customer Services Team.

Leads the development of NAL?s services in literature searching (including systematic reviews, structured searches, rapid reviews, retrospective reviews, etc.) and citation analysis (including bibliometrics, data visualization, etc.).
Provides overall coordination for a variety of special projects relating to strategic programs that cross-cut information center programs.
Contributes to the growth and management of NAL?s collection of agricultural and related materials by recommending content to acquire or to remove from the collection based on obsolescence, lack of use or duplication.
Provides training, presentations, and outreach on NAL resources related to collections, resources, databases and literature access.
Keeps abreast of current technology, information trends, policies, programs, approaches, and analysis methods, including such topics as open access, scholarly communication, escience/e-research and distance education.
Interacts with customers to answer questions, provide information about NAL?s collections, content, programs and services, recommend avenues for investigation, or refer to likely sources of assistance.
Analyzes search-related data and keywords, shifts in research topics, and customer information-seeking behavior to spot trends and identify opportunities for improving NAL collections, programs and services.

Position: Digitization Manager
Location: United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $142,701 to $170,800 per year

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Copyright is a form of legal protection provided by the laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) to authors of literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and other works. The Office of Public Records and Repositories is responsible for preserving, maintaining, and servicing copyright-related records in physical and digital formats. The Digitization Manager provides expertise and service in support the creation, preservation and presentation of digital content.

…The Digitization Manager is located in the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO), Public Records and Repositories (PRR) and reports to the Deputy Director of PRR. The Digitization Manager provides expertise and service in support of the creation, preservation, and presentation of digital content, and the incumbent will be responsible for establishing and ensuring compliance with technical approaches to digital conversion and digital conversion workflows to meet the preservation and access needs of the USCO. Specific duties include managing digitization activities within the USCO; ensuring that digital conversion policies and practices are consistent across the USCO, and in conformance with the Library of Congress Digitization Strategy and Digitization Policy;

providing authoritative guidance in the formulation of best practices for the life cycle management of digitized materials and the resolution of complex problems or issues related to digitization of analog USCO materials; promoting exploration of promising approaches to the digitization of analog materials and the management of the resulting digital objects; and coordinating with stakeholders within and outside of the Library of Congress to ensure the timely and successful execution of projects…

…Under the broad administrative direction of the deputy director and with wide latitude for the exercise of independent judgment, supports the U.S. Copyright Office’s digital conversion program by developing and managing integrated solutions to technical, procedural, and policy issues. Works with Library staff to ensure that Federal Agencies Digital Guideline Initiative (FADGI) guidelines are followed for digitized materials that will be distributed via the Web or other channels. Promotes cooperation with technical experts within and outside of the Library.

Oversees project digitization efforts, and develops authoritative digitization policies and procedures. Provides administrative and technical support to establish workflows and to manage project activities and reporting.

Has the responsibility for U.S. Copyright Office programs related to the digitization of analog materials. Plays a key role in formulating long-range policies and in developing and implementing strategies related to digital conversion of analog materials and their incorporation into digital libraries. Provides high-level programmatic and technical advice to top management and other key officials on matters relating to library digital conversion initiatives, policies, projects, and programs.

Provides expert technical advice in the monitoring and evaluation of digital conversion contract work to ensure consistency with FADGI guidelines. Ensures that contract technical requirements are met, and that all activities are performed in compliance with the terms of the contract. Oversees and/or evaluates contractor feasibility studies and technical assessment reports. Develops acquisition strategies for digital conversion services, and equipment needed to support the needs of the U.S. Copyright Office. Assists technical staff in preparing statements of work and evaluation plans. Participates on evaluation teams reviewing internal and external proposals involving digital conversion. Serves as Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).

Position: Acquisitions and Vendor Management Specialist
Location: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $102,663 to $133,465 per year

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in the Human Capital Directorate, Chief Operating officer.

The position description number for this position is 371902.

The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.

The incumbent of this position will work a flextime work schedule.

This is a non-supervisory, non-bargaining unit position.

Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.

The primary purpose of this position is to provide Contracting Officers’ Representative (COR) support in the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Human Capital Directorate (HCD) of the Library of Congress.

The incumbent manages vendor contracts, related to the planning, development, and delivery of goods and services, of low to moderate complexity and risk and where selection involves trade-offs among non-price factors.

The incumbent interacts with HCD management, internal and external stakeholders, business and systems analysts, IT specialists, contractors, and others to ensure delivery of contracted services within scope, time, and cost constraints.

Performs contract administration activities for procurements related to the significant acquisition of goods and services where selection involves the trade off among non-price factors.

Monitoring includes primarily fixed price contracts but may include other contract types, such as, cost-plus-fix-fee, cost-plus-award-fee, with moderate to high dollar values.

Monitors vendor service delivery and performance through direct observation, written and verbal communications, and the review of vendor provided deliverables in accordance with terms and conditions of the contract.

Participates in post-award meetings to review contract milestones, responsibilities, and status.

Provides appropriate documentation in support of contract modifications or adjustments to the contacting officer.

Understands and conveys to contractor standard contract terms to include Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs), shipping, delivery, and invoice instructions.

Reviews and authorizes payment of invoices. Requests that contract options be exercised or modifications be made to contracts.

Closes out contracts and disposes of COR files pursuant to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Library of Congress guidance.

Resolves procurement and administration problems of a complex nature and resolves problems or issues, which may impact other procurements.

Develops the COR file in accordance with Library procedures and maintains a clear and accurate record of Pre- and Post-award documents, actions and communications according to Library requirements.

Inspects and accepts deliveries and monitors services for conformance with contact terms and conditions and accepts or rejects them.

Validates and processes invoices in accordance with Library policies and procedures.

Develops and manages quality control and assurance processes and procedures for oversight throughout the contract life cycle.

Monitors vendors’ reporting of performance management metrics throughout contracts’ period of performance, ensuring that all performance management reporting contract terms are fulfilled by the vendors. Submits contractor performance evaluation pursuant to Library regulations.

Verifies the final payment to the contractor based on the terms and conditions of the contract,completion of required deliverables, and inspection and acceptance as outlined in FAR part 4.8.Reviews risk management and collaborates with vendor, technical staff, and HCD management, supports development and execution of risk management strategies as directed.

Collaborates with internal and external stakeholders, business analysts, IT specialists, contractors, and others to identify and capture HCD acquisitions and vendor-related requirements and expectations at the Service-wide and division/section levels.

Articulates clear requirements in Statements of Work or Performance Work Statements for more complex goods and services requiring periodic oversight and interaction with contractor program management and Library service units to address issues with contract staffing, schedule, and project management.

Conducts and documents market research using historical information, web-based research and contacts with industry. Estimates contract pricing using historical contacts data, other agencies’ data, and responses to request for information. Understands, interprets, and explains the effect of standard and tailored contract terms.

Provides input to Program Manager or Contracting Officer on acquisition and source selection plans. Reviews and recommend appropriate solicitation and contract structure to include CLINs, deliverables, ordering, options, payment, insurance, intellectual property, and associated standard commercial terms and conditions.

Advises customers and team members on their acquisition related roles and responsibilities. Assesses procurement integrity and conflict of interest mitigation plans.

Reviews request for information, solicitations, and contracts. Assists with pre-proposal conferences and questions and answers.

Leads team in evaluating non-price factors in proposals and past performance.

Supports contracting officer in conducting negotiations. Ensures that contracting terms specify required performance management metrics, reporting, and processes to support HCD’s vendor performance management process.

Position: Arab World Area Specialist (Librarian)
Location: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $59,534 to $77,396 per year

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in the Near East Section, African and Middle East Division, General and International Collections, Library Services.

The position description number for this position is 012535.

The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.

The incumbent of this position will work a flextime work schedule.

This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.

The divisions in Collections and Services are the Library’s primary gateway to the collections and reference services dealing with the non-English-speaking world. Reference librarians in these divisions provide assistance to researchers in the culture, history, literature, politics, political structure, economies, humanities, and social sciences of these countries and regions. Clients include Congress, foreign and U.S. Government agencies, national and international academics and scholars, research and scientific institutions, the professional and business communities, and the general public. Librarians respond to inquiries that are received in person, by telephone, by correspondence and by electronic media.

Divisions have extensive custodial responsibilities and reference librarians are responsible for collection maintenance and preservation, as well as the development, bibliographic control, processing, and general custody of collections in their field of expertise. Reference librarians also produce bibliographic publications, online reference tools, scholarly programs and colloquia on topics in the areas of their divisions.

Reviews a variety of brochures, catalogs, journals, and other sources of items for possible acquisition in order to develop collections in areas of subject of geographic responsibility. Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments, which may involve materials in multiple languages and writing systems.

Assists senior reference staff in determining the quality and usefulness of collection materials. Assists in developing strategies for the organization, storage, preservation, and service of materials.

Monitors the condition of collection materials to ensure adherence to established preservation standards and specifications. Brings deteriorating items and those with special needs to the attention of division management. Orients users and explains procedures and regulations governing use and handling of materials in the collection.

Provides reference and instructional to individual researchers and groups where needs are relatively easy to determine from client interviews in person or over the telephone, or from written requests, and the bibliographic source materials are of limited technical complexity and are readily-accessible, i.e., found within the library’s collection or can be located within a database by use of standard search procedures.

Provides in-person and telephone reference service in a reading room. Responds orally or in writing to inquiries related to assigned field of responsibility. Searches standard databases where the information is relatively stable, such as for bibliographic citations of a general nature. Seeks assistance for locating materials that are not readily accessible. Develops knowledge of resources in other agencies or institutions in order to provide informed referrals. Assists patrons with specialized collections under the direction of senior staff.

Coordinates the acquisition of items that are of limited technical complexity, or easily acquired. Consults acquisition policies to determine whether items are appropriate for purchase, copyright claim, exchange, gift, or other type of acquisition. Examines recommendations to identify processing and custodial requirements and to identify out-of-scope materials.

Maintains liaison with recommending officers and subject specialists to coordinate acquisition of material. Provides proper purchasing information and correct bibliographic identification to dealers, subscription agents, vendors, overseas offices, exchange partners, etc. Reviews and approves invoices for payment for all formats of material.

Assists in preparing research guides and finding aids on specific topics of recognized client interest using standard search strategies. Assists senior librarians in revising or updating research materials.

Identifies foreign and international print and electronic resources in a field of specialty to address user needs that are easily determined from interviews or written requests. Provides reference and research services of limited technical complexity. Prepares and updates standard guides to specialized collections and resources.