Three Positions: Washington, DC

Position: Librarian (Reference)
Location: American Folklife Center, Special Collections Directorate, Library Services, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $68,036 to $88,450 per year

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These positions are located in the American Folklife Center, Special Collections Directorate, Library Services.
The position description number for this position is 382817.
The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.
This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.
Relocations expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.

The reference librarian is responsible for providing reference, research, consultation, and liaison services; instructions and training; and security for American Folklife Center (AFC) collections. AFC holds nearly 6 million items of ethnographic and historical documentation recorded from the nineteenth century to the present. These collections, which include extensive audiovisual documentation of traditional arts, cultural expressions, and oral histories, offer researchers access to the songs, stories, and other creative expressions of people from diverse communities. The collections are among the Library’s most varied in medium, format, physical condition, and intellectual property rights requirements, with attendant concerns for security, preservation, and safe handling. The collections are accessed by means of complex, diverse, and often multi-layered intellectual controls and surrogates in written and digital forms. As one of the largest ethnographic archives in the world, AFC plays a critical role in establishing a positive image of the Library and furthering the Library’s goal of providing a high level of responsive, effective, and professional public access and outreach services to the full range of Library users worldwide, including members of Congress and their staff, other agencies, scholars, researchers, and communities of origin.

The AFC is looking for reference librarians to strengthen collection access in the following areas:

Music and dance of the world
Music, dance and narratives of indigenous communities
Public Memory and collective experience
Narrative and verbal arts
Provides comprehensive reference services in response to requests received in person, by telephone, or via electronic means. Communicates with a wide variety of patrons with non-routine questions regarding access, handling, and use of AFC materials, maintaining a high degree of tact and courtesy. Interviews researchers, analyzes their questions and requirements, and recommends material appropriate to their needs. Orients readers to the reading room and its services. Guides researchers in employing search strategies that tap the full range of the Division’s reference tools and resources to meet the researcher’s need. Provides information on the collections, finding tools, and relevant reference sources. Locates information, often of a specialized or technical nature, from a wide variety of published and unpublished sources and electronic databases relating to folklife materials.

Exercises substantial research skills to assist in documenting and presenting the collections. Reviews and analyzes specialized or technical information from a wide variety of sources. Begins to develop competence in a subject area of specialization within the Division. The subject area is chosen in consultation with and is approved by the section head. Through research in folklife, ethnomusicology, and related fields, and in a specialized subject field, as well as constant examination of new literature and development of professional contacts, maintains awareness and knowledge of folklife, developments in the field of audiovisual librarianship, and availability of reference and resource materials. Performs research involving the use of ethnographic materials and reference sources and drafts reference aids in consultation with the section head or senior staff. As requested, carries out research and provides documentation for the creation of catalog records and finding aids.

Participates in planning and performing outreach efforts including provision of information services through the use of new technologies. Develops and maintains personal contacts and cooperative work relationships to provide or exchange information. Attends workshops, conferences, seminars or meetings relating to audiovisual librarianship and the development and use of ethnographic materials in general and in a specialized subject area. Participates in outreach efforts, such as responding to comments and queries in electronic forums where Library collections are presented. Participates in planning programs and recommending policies related to reference and research services in the Division, making suggestions to promote effective means for connecting a broad audience with the collections. As assigned, provides tours and other oral presentations for staff, research groups, and other visitors to the Division.

Recommends new acquisitions based on established collection plans and arranges for purchase/donation. Actively researches available items and determines appropriateness to overall collection. Screens unsolicited offers, using professional judgment to reject inappropriate offers. Pursues contacts with owners/donors of appropriate works and undertakes all arrangements for acquisition or donation. Coordinates with the acquisitions coordinator for delivery of new items. Maintains knowledge of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the collections.

Position: Library Technician (Information and Technical Services)
Location: Congressional Research Service (CRS), Knowledge Services Group (KSG), Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $45,972 to $59,762 per year

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS), Knowledge Services Group (KSG) seeks a library technician (information and technical services) to process and maintain research materials used by CRS staff. The selectee also responds to requests for information and documents by internal and external clients.

CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation. As a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress, CRS has been a valued and respected resource on Capitol Hill for more than a century.

CRS is well known for analysis that is authoritative, confidential, objective, and nonpartisan. Its highest priority is to ensure that Congress has immediate access to the nation’s best thinking on public policy issues of interest to its Members and Committees.

The Library technician will perform the following duties:

• Identifies documents and other materials relevant to the CRS mission, and assists in making the materials accessible to staff. This includes downloading digital documents or digitizing printed materials and uploading files to internal repositories.

• Checks in serial publications, receives and processes newly received materials, and updates holdings information in the library catalog.

• Searches library catalogs and databases to verify bibliographic information. Creates metadata for digital documents or collections, applying established taxonomies as appropriate.

• Maintains print collections, including sorting, shelving, and weeding materials; shifting collections; assisting with collection inventories to identify gaps and duplicates. Assist in developing and maintaining digital collections.

• Assists in the staffing of the CRS research facilities and/or congressional reading rooms.

• Provides ready reference and document delivery services: identifies, retrieves, and delivers documents from a range of sources and in diverse media, contacting libraries and other cultural institutions, government agencies, publishers, and authors as needed.

• Delivers a variety of documents and data, making copies of CRS seminars and workshop materials in response to client requests.

• Conducts searches on a variety of electronic resources to locate appropriate documents or to find factual information such as names and contact information for congressional liaisons or addresses of organizations.

Position: Librarian
Location: Federal Library and Information Center (FEDLINK), Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary: $81,548 to $106,012 per year

Full vacancy announcement available on USAJOBS.

The Federal Library and Information Center (FEDLINK) is an interagency organization of federal agencies established originally as the Federal Library Committee by the Librarian of Congress, at the behest of federal librarians and the Office of Management and Budget (The Bureau of the Budget).

Initiates, establishes, and maintains professional relationships with librarians, cooperative partners, and other specialists in order to establish contracts and share information as well as to coordinate processes within FEDLINK and between FEDLINK and its partner companies and customer agencies. As a consultant, recommends changes in procedures, workflows, and tools. Regularly explains technical information to individuals or groups. Conducts workshops and orientation sessions for staff and visitors. Represents the organization at conferences, seminars and exhibits. Attends workshops, conferences, seminars, or meetings in librarianship and other relevant fields for the purpose of professional development and to represent FEDLINK and its membership. Serves as a liaison with companies in a specific subject area or areas, e.g. cataloging, Interlibrary Loan, or reference services. As assigned, serves as liaison to FEDLINK working groups, e.g. the FEDLINK Education Working Group; serves on other LC committees or task forces as the work requires.

Provides advice and instruction in the use of training methods and materials. Resolves complaints from trainees. Recommends additional aids to meet the needs of the training program. Resolves important and very specific issues that may arise in the training program. Adapts current methodologies and guidelines to accommodate unique training situations. Provides training to federal library staff and partner network staff at the FEDLINK training facility, at regional locations, or at individual member locations around the world. Travels to numerous locations in order to accomplish duties. Collects, organizes, and/or analyzes training success statistics. Monitors and develops plans to implement training goals and to assure achievement of learning objectives within the FEDLINK program. Recommends and contacts speakers for FEDLINK events. Provides initial intensive instruction and ongoing training of lower grade staff, temporary staff, and interns, reviewing and revising the work as needed. Presents papers at meetings and conferences.

Organizes and coordinates assignments that involve complex and novel or obscure problems and/or special requirements. Uses initiative and resourcefulness to deviate from or extend accepted methods, techniques, and practices. Recommends solutions or resolves important issues when precedents do not apply. Recommends new companies and service areas for the FEDLINK program. Revises existing technical specifications for statements of work to reflect changes in technology and practices. Serves as Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative for one or more areas of FEDLINK services, and as chair of technical panels evaluating proposals from vendors of library services. Identifies areas for improvement in established methods. Develops and shares new information sources. Performs detailed analyses and evaluations of requests. Prepares reports, analyses, and other documents related to information and research efforts.

Writes and/or edits materials of a highly complex subject matter utilizing an extensive knowledge of a subject area to provide accurate interpretation and explanation of the subject. Analyzes and reviews the preparation and organization of complex projects. Performs the review of the preparation and processing for the final material being produced. Provides technical guidance and trains new staff or interns in processing large and difficult projects.