Metadata & Catalog Librarian- Gallaudet University, Washington, DC

Position: Metadata & Catalog Librarian
Location: Gallaudet University, Washington, DC

Originally posted on the Maryland Library Association listserv.


Performs bibliographic control activities including cataloguing and classification for the Deaf-related library collections, general collections, and Archives collections; provides metadata records for digital objects/collections; provides bibliographic and metadata database record maintenance; provides expertise to assist other staff with library resource management access and control issues; and serves as liaison to WRLC committees and as the Library’s specialist in the WRLC library resource management cataloguing system.


I. Performs original and copy cataloguing for materials in the Deaf and Archives collections in all formats, but primarily monographs, serials, media, electronic resources, and archival materials; uses current national cataloguing rules, standards, formats, and utilities such as AACR2, MARC, OCLC, RDA, Bibframe, etc; uses Library’s modified DDC numbers for classificiation.

II. Uses the Library’s conventions for describing and classifying Deaf-related and archival materials including specialized subject headings and classification numbers; enhances records to provide maximum access to Deaf-related content in the online catalog; maintains current awareness of Library of Congress subject headings additions/changes related to Deaf-related topics; conducts complex internet research in English and Roman-alphabet languages to determine Deaf-related content of materials and to correctly describe foreign language materials; keeps documentation of local cataloging policies and practices up to date.

III. Develops and maintains expertise in the WRLC library resource management system cataloguing module; maintains download/upload linkage between OCLC and the library resource management system cataloguing module; uses library resource management system to provide local copy data such as holdings and collection location.

IV. Provides metadata descriptions for the Library’s digital/digitized resources; determines with other staff the appropriate fields for description, the methods/standards for subject control, and the possible linkage with other databases such as the discovery system; documents decisions and practices.

V. Provides bibliographic database record maintenance for the Library’s OCLC and library resource management system records including updating subject headings and classification numbers, deleting records, correcting errors, merging/separating records, resolving problems with broken URL links; provides maintenance for metadata records.

VI. Assists with copy cataloging processes for the general book and serials collections; and provides cataloging for new general materials as needed.

VII. Maintains current awareness of cataloguing, metadata, and archival description trends and practices; considers anticipated trends in the field, makes recommendations for changes to Library processes and procedures as needed, and implements approved changes.

VIII. Provides expertise to other staff related to metadata schema, bibliographic control, library resource management system cataloguing module, and bibliographic database maintenance issues; when appropriate, provides training and oversight for other staff assisting with cataloguing/metadata work.

IX. Works with reference librarians and other staff to ensure cataloging practices are meeting users’ needs.

X. Serves on WRLC committees as appropriate; keeps department informed of WRLC discussions/decisions; ensures the Library is following WRLC practices.

XI. Performs other duties as assigned.


Master’s degree in library science from an ALA accredited institution.
A minimum three years of continual professional cataloguing librarian experience, using OCLC and a major ILS system, LC subject headings, LC or Dewey classification schemes, preferably in an academic library setting; RDA experience highly desirable. Experience creating and managing metadata records for digital collections/digital objects. Strong commitment to considering users’ needs through bibliographic control and metadata creation activities. Strong commitment to considering users’ needs through bibliographic control and metadata creation activities. American Sign Language skills or willingness to learn and demonstrate competence within a reasonable amount of time.