Three Positions – Washington, D.C.

Position: Reference Librarian
Location: ASRC Federal (EPA HQ & Chemical Libraries) – Washington, DC

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ASRC Federal Primus, a subsidiary of ASRC Federal, is seeking a Reference Librarian with a focus in the field of Chemistry, Toxicology or related science background. This is a full time position supporting our on-going programs on site at the EPA. This role will specifically support the HQ and Chemical Libraries of the EPA in Washington, DC.

ASRC Primus holds a nationwide contract for library and records management services with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ASRC librarians, records managers and support staff collect, organize and maintain library and records materials; assist EPA and external customers with document delivery/ILL, reference and research services, etc.

Key Role:

  • Provide professional level (Librarian) support in the areas of reference services, information management, patron outreach and communication regarding available library services and resources.
  • Participate in workgroups supporting library network cooperation, services improvement, and staff/patron current awareness and training.
  • Provide consultation on and participate in the provision of librarian services and updating/maintaining procedures documentation.
  • Librarians on the team participate in Library Network Activities, which may include workgroups supporting collaborative services, digitization, outreach, and other topics requiring input form professional librarian staff.
  • Coordinate reference desk staffing schedules, review materials dispersal lists and selection of materials to add to the collection, as well as reference and bibliographic searching for patrons.
  • Prepare weekly and monthly statistical and narrative reports on reference services and progress; preparing other reports as needed.

Basic Qualifications:

  • MS in Library Science or equivalent, and 2-4 years of professional level experience
    2 plus years of experience professional librarian experience in the field of chemistry or allied fields such as toxicology, medical science, environmental science, biology, etc.
  • Experience in preparing analytic reports and statistics, use of applications such as Excel, and development of logical expressions and database queries.
  • Proficiency with web searching and research.
  • Experience using knowledgebase management and customer resource management applications.
  • Experience in customer service, library services required.
  • US Citizenship or Permanent Resident status and ability to pass a government sponsored background check

Additional Qualifications:

  • Experience in preparing analytic reports and statistics, use of office productivity applications, reference management applications, CRM applications, and development of logical expressions and database queries.

Position: Librarian (Law)
Location: Library of Congress – Washington, DC
Salary: $66,510 to $86,460 per year

Full vacancy announcement is available on USAJOBS.

The Law Library of Congress seeks a legal reference librarian with education and experience (1) providing legal and legislative information services to diverse and demanding clients in a large law library or similar legal information organization; and (2) creating, organizing and managing web content for dynamic websites. Qualified candidates with both Juris Doctor and Masters in Library/Information Science degrees from accredited universities with appropriate training and experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicants should demonstrate progressively responsible work experience or combination of education & work experience and proficiency in (1) providing concise and thorough oral and written research guidance utilizing creative methodologies to respond to complex inquiries; (2) applying a strong public service demeanor when providing legal and legislative information services to diverse and demanding clientele; (3) developing, organizing and managing legal and legislative collections (websites, blogs and online resources); (4) creating, organizing and managing legal and legislative content for dynamic websites; and (5) using time management skills to complete multiple time-sensitive assignments and projects.

This position is located in the Public Services Division, Directorate of Law Library Services, Law Library.

Responds to United States legal and legislative reference inquiries from Members of Congress, congressional committees, the White House, federal courts, Government agencies, libraries, the bar, and the general public. Inquiries may be received by telephone, in person, in writing, and by electronic means. Locates information, often of a specialized or technical nature, from a wide variety of published and unpublished legal and legislative information sources and electronic databases. Conducts legal and legislative research, and produces written responses to United States federal and state legal and legislative reference inquiries requiring tailored responses. Prepares reports, bibliographies, letters, memoranda , finding aids, informational brochures, research guides and other written products. Gathers information from a wide variety of sources, both automated and in print or other media. Facilitates services to readers, analyzes information, and disseminates it in answer to requests. Advises researchers in research methodologies.

Analyzes and organizes specialized information, and evaluates and prioritizes work. Assesses new or unusual circumstances and develops variations in approach, and/or solutions for incomplete or
conflicting information. Identifies, examines, and evaluates major publications and trends in the law. Analyzes, evaluates, organizes, compiles, and disseminates legal and legislative information and materials in various media. Directs users to the proper specialists, resources, or services within the Law Library and other areas of the Library of Congress. Clarifies vague requests for legal and legislative information through the use of proper and/or specialized bibliographic and research tools. Meets with clients to analyze and clarify questions and requirements.

Surveys and evaluates print and electronic collections to identify currency issues. Identifies, recommends and resolves collection processing issues relating to assigned areas / subjects / jurisdictions of the Reading Room collections. Recommends alternative titles to and the removal of titles from assigned portions of the Law Library reference collections. Searches acquisitions lists for new titles and other materials in various formats for the Reading Room’s collection as requested.

Reviews collections on a continual basis and exercises care to ensure collection material is properly handled and kept secure to avoid loss or damage. Reviews a variety of foreign and domestic sources for information about available materials. Contribute to digital collection developers and management projects, such as web archiving and/or compiling and organizing web-sites based on current public policy issues. Determines permissibility of copying materials based on the preservation needs of the material. Understands current and public policy issues in his/her area of expertise in order to develop collections that anticipate researcher inquiries and demands.

Provides training for junior reference and circulation staff, and legal information technicians. May be assigned to review and/or revise work to provide initial quality control and aid in the training process. Conducts analysis of the training needs and services.

Provides instruction to staff and Law Library clients on the content, nature, and use of Law Library print and electronic resources.

Develops personal contacts to establish and maintain cooperative work relationships in order to provide or exchange information and professional knowledge. Explains information to groups and individuals with varying levels of understanding or knowledge of the operations, services, mission, and/or programs of the Library of Congress and the Law Library, as well as law, and legal and legislative research methodology. Depending on Law Library priorities and requirements, attends workshops, conferences, seminars, or meetings relating to trends and issues in law and law librarianship for the purpose of professional development. Provides orientations to distinguished visitors and conducts tours, as assigned.

Maintains liaison or communicates with individuals both within and outside the organization. Professional contacts are with library patrons, supervisors, library staff, other national libraries, library and information networks, information centers, experts in government agencies, associations, the private sector, and/or research groups. Motivates and influences clientele to fully utilize programs and services. Meets with researcher, analyzes questions and requirements; suggests search strategies; and evaluates resources from the general, special and/or reference collections regardless of format.

Applicants must have had progressively responsible experience and training sufficient in scope and quality to furnish them with an acceptable level of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the position without more than normal supervision.

Ability to Apply Knowledge of the Principles, Concepts, and Techniques of Library Science to the Organization and Dissemination of Legal Information.**

Ability to Communicate Legal and Legislative Information and Analysis in Writing.**

Ability to Communicate Effectively in a Library or Information Center Environment.**

Ability to Utilize Information Technology and Online Legal Resources.

Ability to Plan and Implement Library Programs.

Ability to Interact Collaboratively with a Diverse Group of People.

Ability to Communicate Effectively Other Than in Writing.

Position: Librarian
Location: Library of Congress – Washington, DC
Salary: $54,972 to $71,467 per year

Full vacancy announcement is available on USAJOBS.

This position is located in Benelux, France and Italy Section, African, Latin American and Western European Division, Directorate of Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access, Library Services. It is a hybrid position that combines major duties of both the acquisition specialist and the cataloger. Often there will be a foreign language requirement for this position depending on the geographical area for which cataloging or acquisitions functions are being performed. For example, staff selecting and cataloging materials from South America need knowledge of the Spanish language which will include reading and writing and may include speaking and translating. The incumbent uses a specific foreign language skill to perform the following major duties.

Catalogs various materials in an automated cataloging environment where the bibliographic characteristics of the material are relatively easy to determine and cataloging decisions are made within established standards. Searches entries in automated and manual catalogs. Assigns headings to catalog entries. Selects and assigns classification numbers. Establishes personal and corporate names and uniform titles for inclusion in the name authority file. Establishes and recommends subject headings for inclusion in the subject authority file and classification schedule. Creates and revises bibliographic records, authority records, and classification schedules. Performs content designation of bibliographic and authority records. Performs research in the cataloger’s reference collection, online databases, the world wide web, and the collections of the Library. Recommends resolutions to problems and inconsistencies in the cataloging process.

Provides services and deals with materials that are non-technical in nature, of limited technical complexity, or easily acquired. Coordinates proper purchasing information, correct bibliographic identification, and correct coding in the information system. Contacts dealers, subscription agents, vendors, overseas offices, government agencies, and/or exchange partners to coordinate the ordering process. Consults acquisition reference material to determine whether recommended item is appropriate for purchase, copyright claim, exchange, gift, loan, or other type of acquisition. Examines recommendations for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements and to identify acquisition of out-of-scope materials. Maintains liaison with recommending officials and subject specialists to understand their needs. Consults acquisition reference material to determine whether recommended item is appropriate for purchase. Reviews and approves invoices for payment for all formats of material. Determines availability of funds.

Obtains, analyzes, and organizes information using standard reference tools and established techniques and practices. Analyzes and organizes standard subject data to determine its relationship to the existing collections, for proper main entry, and the need for added entries. Analyzes material to determine subject content. Applies standard rules, guidelines, and reference tools and established techniques and practices. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to cataloging-related issues.

Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments related to collection development support, with review by supervisor, senior staff and/or recommending officers. Assists in examination of incoming shipments to select items appropriate for the collections, in accord with established guidelines. Assists in examination of recommendations for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements, and to ensure conformity with established guidelines. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to collection development policies.

Works to maintain personal contacts and cooperative work relationships to provide or exchange information. Consults with Team Leader and cataloging policy staff to recommend changes and additions in descriptive and subject cataloging rules. Offers suggestions and advice to Team Leader on operational and technical problems. Collaborates with Team Leader and other staff in planning and implementing team activities including: workflow procedures, team priorities, cataloging projects of an experimental nature, goal setting and strategies for meeting team production goals. Assists others inside and outside the Library with language, subject and cataloging problems.

Performs various other duties as assigned.

Applicants must have had progressively responsible experience and training sufficient in scope and quality to furnish them with an acceptable level of the following knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the position without more than normal supervision.

Ability to communicate in English, Dutch and/or French.**

Knowledge of library acquisitions and/or cataloging rules, practices, and procedures.**

Ability to use integrated library systems, applications, or other information technologies.**

Knowledge of the culture and/or civilization of the countries of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium, as well as that of France.

Ability to organize, analyze, and interpret data related to acquiring and/or cataloging library materials.

Ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Ability to interact collaboratively with others to provide consultation and liaison services.

Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing.