Librarian – Washington, D.C.

Position: Librarian (Reference)
Location: Library of Congress – Washington, D.C.
Salary Range: $54,972.00 to $71,467.00 / Per Year
Closes: Tuesday 5/9/2017

Full vacancy announcement available at USAJOBS:

The Geography and Map Division is responsible for the acquisition, processing, preservation, duplication and reference servicing of the cartographic collections of the Library. These collections consist of maps, atlases, globes, three dimensional objects, digital files (CDs/DVDs/Tapes), research collections, pamphlet collections and reference work sheets pertaining to or describing the collections and the history of cartography globally. The Division maintains a fully equipped digital laboratory to handle the conversion of original cartographic objects to digital format. The Division maintains the Congressional Cartography Program directed to producing maps on demand for Congress, or through the Congressional Research Service. The Geography and Map Division is the largest map collection in the world. The reference librarian provides reference services in the reading room of the Geography and Map Division and serves under the direction of the Team Leader.

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