Multiple Positions: Library of Congress

Position: Library Technician
Location: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary Range: $48,378.00 to $62,888.00 / Per Year

Full vacancy announcements available at USAJOBS:

In an automated cataloging environment, the incumbent performs copy cataloging from OCLC for special collections titles as needed. Under review of senior staff, creates and revises bibliographic records, including Initial Bibliographic Control (IBC) records and performs content designation on newly created and updated bibliographic records. Creates and updates holdings and item records for special collection material. Resolves routine problems and refers difficult problems and items needing authority work to division cataloger.

Performs all aspects of acquisition support work to acquire and process special collection material from purchase, Copyright, gift, exchange, or transfer upon receipt by the division. Reviews special collection serials to determine if material needs to be claimed and completes appropriate claiming paperwork.

Consults the full range of reference sources, which may include print, automated files, and internal and external databases or web sites.

Searches large in-house databases and the ILS to identify appropriate custody of acquired material and possible duplicates. Performs preliminary cataloging, identifies variant editions of special collections material (notably of comic books), and processes special collections material. Locates, identifies and resolves problems with special collections generated by inventory and special projects.

Develops plans to expedite sorting, arranging, and shelving of incoming or returned material. Demonstrates initiative in recognizing and solving problems, inconsistencies, and errors in piece identification and housing. Works independently with the collections.

Identifies at-risk items for conservation needs. Performs minor in house conservation maintenance for the division’s use. Observes and arranges for the secure handling of materials.

Retrieves special collection materials for library staff, researchers, or exhibits. Independently locates items not readily available on the shelf.

Assists researchers virtually and in-person with the use of the library’s resources including the use of the division’s bibliographic reference sources. Communicates orally and in writing with a broad spectrum of clients regarding routine question on using materials in the division’s special collections. Provides information to library staff, researchers, and other libraries.

Writes and/or edits documents and reports. Researches items in special collections for the creation of captions for exhibits as well as descriptions appropriate for finding aids and division web pages.

Position: Supervisory Archivist
Location: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary Range: $77,490.00 to $100,736.00 / Per Year

Full vacancy announcements available at USAJOBS:

Under the direction of the head of the Preparation Section and in coordination with other supervisors, executes the plans and operations of the section in creating and maintaining a uniform system of archival and bibliographic controls over the division’s collections. Directs the daily operations of project staff, including the division’s collections officer, archives technicians, and interns, in processing manuscript material according to established archival procedures. Activities include oversight of their work arranging, describing, preserving, and storing personal and organizational records in paper and digital format.

Leads individual as well as group efforts, and carries out the recommendations of managers, area specialists, and project archivists concerning the arrangement, description, treatment, and storage of the materials being preserved. Devises, recommends, approves, and/or directs procedures for the accessioning and technical processing, conservation, and preservation of such material. Helps schedule the overall flow of processing within the division, especially as it relates to the production of technical staff. Consults with other supervisors, subject and period specialists, and project archivists relating to the assignment of tasks and their completion. Coordinates the preparation of descriptive material for incorporation into finding aids, inventories, and other controls used to manage the storage and use of collections. Provides preliminary review of written work products in the section. Collects, maintains, and compiles statistical work records of the staff under his/her supervision.

Performs the administrative and human resource management functions related to the staff supervised. Establishes guidelines and performance expectations for staff, which are clearly communicated through the formal employee performance management system. Observes workers’ performance; demonstrates and completes work performance critiques. Provides informal feedback and periodically evaluates employee performance. Resolves informal complaints and grievances. Prepares work improvement plans, recommending personnel actions as needed. Provides advice and counsel to workers related to work and administrative matters. Effects disciplinary measures as appropriate to the authority delegated in this area. Reviews and approves or disapproves leave requests.

Analyzes, determines, and prioritizes preservation requirements. Surveys collections, identifying and inventorying groups of materials for preservation and physical security. Develops and proposes long-term strategies for the preservation of collections. Assesses collections and archives considered for acquisition by the Library with regard to condition, contents, scope, storage history, and other aspects pertinent to the conservation and long-term survival of material.

Works with other staff in the division and the Library to improve archival techniques and knowledge of archival procedures. Coordinates as necessary with collection curators and staff in other divisions relating to the transmission, handling, description, and storage of division material housed off-site or transferred elsewhere. Maintains contact with developments related to archival control and preservation practices in comparable institutions. Recommends developments to strengthen the Library’s archival holdings, special collections, and digital resources.

Plans and provides reference and research services for large bodies of valuable records and papers. Exercises a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter and archival holdings in order to assist specialized researchers and other users of manuscript collections and archival records. In this capacity, substitutes on a temporary basis as necessary assisting readers in the division’s public reading room.

Position: Librarian
Location: Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Salary Range: $53,435.00 to $69,460.00 / Per Year

Full vacancy announcements available at USAJOBS:

Catalogs various materials in an automated cataloging environment where the bibliographic characteristics of the material are relatively easy to determine and cataloging decisions are made within established standards. Searches entries in automated and manual catalogs. Assigns headings to catalog entries. Selects and assigns classification numbers. Establishes personal and corporate names and uniform titles for inclusion in the name authority file. Establishes and recommends subject headings for inclusion in the subject authority file and classification schedule. Creates and revises bibliographic records, authority records, and classification schedules. Performs content designation of bibliographic and authority records. Performs research in the cataloger’s reference collection, online databases, the world wide web, and the collections of the Library. Recommends resolutions to problems and inconsistencies in the cataloging process.

Provides services and deals with materials that are non-technical in nature, of limited technical complexity, or easily acquired. Coordinates proper purchasing information, correct bibliographic identification, and correct coding in the information system. Contacts dealers, subscription agents, vendors, overseas offices, government agencies, and/or exchange partners to coordinate the ordering process. Consults acquisition reference material to determine whether recommended item is appropriate for purchase, copyright claim, exchange, gift, loan, or other type of acquisition. Examines recommendations for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements and to identify acquisition of out-of-scope materials. Maintains liaison with recommending officials and subject specialists to understand their needs. Consults acquisition reference material to determine whether recommended item is appropriate for purchase. Reviews and approves invoices for payment for all formats of material. Determines availability of funds.

Obtains, analyzes, and organizes information using standard reference tools and established techniques and practices. Analyzes and organizes standard subject data to determine its relationship to the existing collections, for proper main entry, and the need for added entries. Analyzes material to determine subject content. Applies standard rules, guidelines, and reference tools and established techniques and practices. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to cataloging-related issues.

Works to maintain personal contacts and cooperative work relationships to provide or exchange information. Consults with Team Leader and cataloging policy staff to recommend changes and additions in descriptive and subject cataloging rules. Offers suggestions and advice to Team Leader on operational and technical problems. Collaborates with Team Leader and other staff in planning and implementing team activities including: workflow procedures, team priorities, cataloging projects of an experimental nature, goal setting and strategies for meeting team production goals. Assists others inside and outside the Library with language, subject and cataloging problems.

Uses standard methods, techniques, concepts, and principles to perform assignments related to collection development support, with review by supervisor, senior staff and/or recommending officers. Assists in examination of incoming shipments to select items appropriate for the collections, in accord with established guidelines. Assists in examination of recommendations for acquisition to identify processing and custodial requirements, and to ensure conformity with established guidelines. Participates in formulating plans for changes and improvements to collection development policies.