Two Archives Positions – Federal Government

Job Title: Supervisory Archives Specialist
Agency: National Archives and Records Administration
Salary Range: $52,668.00 to $68,465.00 / Per Year
Open Period: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 to Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Duty Location: Suitland, MD

Full vacancy announcement available at USAJOBS:

As a Supervisory Archive Specialist, your typical work assignments may include:

Supervisory Duties – plans and schedules the work of subordinates; makes assignments based on priorities.
Senior Level and Security Review – Reviews Standard Form 135 to confirm accuracy of data entered by subordinate Archives Technicians.
Files Maintenance and Records Disposition Workshops – independently or as a team member, accumulate, develop and present technical reference materials for canned and customized files maintenance workshops for agencies in the serviced area.
Projects – Involvement in a variety of projects that require significant analytical work and writing.
Reimbursable Billing Validation – Responsible for enforcing, implementing, and coordinating all transfer-related billing procedures within the Transfer &Disposition front office on a daily basis.
Liaison – Serves as one of the front office’s primary contact points for day-to-day agency liaison, applying an in-depth technical knowledge of archival procedures and techniques as they relate to transfer, disposition, and service matters in order to provide service to Federal agencies.

Patty Hardwick
Phone: (314)801-9266

Job Title: Archivist
Agency: Smithsonian Institution
Salary Range: $63,722.00 to $82,840.00 / Per Year
Open Period: Monday, November 30, 2015 to Friday, December 4, 2015
Duty Location: Washington DC

Full vacancy announcement available at USAJOBS:


Responsible for planning and selection of digital projects involving ethnographic and ethnomusicological collections using criteria such as physical condition, historical importance, and CFCH staff needs. Types of materials include papers, art work, and photographs. Preparation activities shall include, as needed, organization, arrangement, preservation, and description.
Perform preservation of historical paper-based items within collections through proper handling, removal of damaging residue or attachments, flattening, humidification, preservation photocopying of acid-damaged papers, and storage methodology.
Applies various digital imaging standards and procedures to organize and best reflect digital collections within CFCH. Applies metadata to digitized collection files and quality checks metadata before uploading to Digital Asset Managing System (DAMS).
Creates catalog records and finding aids for new collection acquisitions (or modifies existing records and finding aids) using Horizon and Archivist’s Toolkit software.
Applies archival description and documentation standards, cataloging tools and techniques including database systems, Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) format, DACS, Encoded Archival Description, and Library of Congress authorities and subject headings.
Promotes public accessibility and use of digital archival collections through the Smithsonian Online Virtual Archive, the Smithsonian’s Transcription Center, and a variety of social media platforms.

Janet Mogollón
Phone: 202-633-6336
Fax: 202-312-1980
TDD: 202-633-6409