Law Librarian – Department of Justice

Job Title: Librarian (Law)
Department: Department Of Justice
Hiring Organization: Antitrust Division
Job Announcement Number: ATR-15-29 DEU
Salary Range: $52,668.00 to $82,840.00 / Per Year
Open Period: Monday, July 27, 2015 to Friday, July 31, 2015
Series and Grade: GS-1410-09/11
Duty Location: Washington DC, DC

The Department of Justice has an opening for a Librarian (Law) in Washington, D.C. Full vacancy announcement is available at USAJOBS:

This position is located on the Library Staff of the Antitrust Division (ATR). The incumbent serves as a Librarian (Law) performing research in the fields of business, economics, and law with a specific emphasis on company, industry and legislative history research. Responsibilities include:

Responding to a full range of complex or difficult inquiries, including those in a new or highly specialized field of knowledge (e.g. emerging industries), those regarding historical materials that are difficult to identify or locate, or for information that involves legal or specialized terminology.
Utilizing a variety of complex technical and specialized databases and other diverse sources to provide extensive legal and legislative reference services.
Utilizing one’s own knowledge various published and unpublished sources and electronic databases to answer specialized and/or technical questions and inquiries from clients.
Developing resource directories, in both paper and electronic format.
Answering reference questions, locating and selecting appropriate sources and analyzing them.
Evaluating the authoritativeness, currency, and relevance of the specialized information available on particular topics, issues, or problems.
Compiling electronic and paper information packets for clients (i.e., literature guides, resource directories, bibliographies).
Assisting in the maintenance of the library collection (i.e., multiple formats of research materials on federal laws, business, and economics).
Reviewing the veracity of the online library catalog with regard to what is on the shelf; editing and verifying catalog records for conformance with collection and established cataloging policies.
Reviewing a wide variety of brochures, websites, catalogs, and other sources to recommend new items and sources for possible acquisition; determining the quality of materials acquired from different sources and the need for new subscriptions and renewals.
Monitoring the quality of preserved materials to ensure adherence to established standards and specifications.
Teaching clientele about research tools through one-on-one or class instruction.
Developing and maintaining library web pages and electronic guides.