Information Resource Specialist Position


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ABOUT THE POSITION: Information Resource Specialist

  • Organizes electronic resources for easy reference. Train staff to access and use online services.  Assists staff and member companies on reference inquiries. Oversee purchase, and access to commercial databases as Westlaw, OCLC and Nexis.


  • Manages and plans Information Center programs, including digital and hard copy services, consistent with the needs and objectives of the Organization.


  • Conducts qualitative and legal research in support of the Organization’s advocacy efforts, and proactively identifies data sources of interest to the Organization and, specifically, the Research Department


  • Manages off-site archives, reference resources (electronic and hard-copy) and periodical collection, while working, consistent with the digital age, to keep amount hard copies to a minimum.  Creates and maintains an effective cataloging system.


  • Manages the overall library budget and the departmental library budgets and negotiates contract and rates with library service vendors.


  • Proactively keep abreast of current issues and latest developments of importance to the life insurance industry.  Train staff on Internet search techniques and information retrieval in our commercial online services.


  • Conduct qualitative and legal research supporting Organization’s advocacy and research


  • Regularly evaluate current subscriptions and usage, identify areas of potential budget savings, coordinate with department heads to decide on purchases and termination of services.


  • Evaluate off-site storage, make suggestions on ways to reduce the paper materials, make electronic copies of valuable documentations that need to be archived.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a Social Science or in Library and Information Science
  • A minimum 5 years of substantive work experience in information resource management, especially digital information, budget preparation, and contract negotiation.
  • Strong computer and organizing skills with electronic library systems
  • Online search proficiency in news and legal areas
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills to present ideas to all levels of management



Meredith Pasekoff-Dinitz, CPC

Director of Business Development

Bloomfield & Company

Phone: 202-293-7600 X108 – Monday and Thursday

or 301-765-7967 – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday