Position Filled: Librarian–Whiteford Taylor Preston–Baltimore

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Theresa Evans, PHR

Director of Human Resources


Position Summary:

Responsible for the daily management and oversight of library services.


Financial Management

  • Assist Library Director to prepare and implement annual budget covering acquisitions, subscriptions, databases and operating costs, including cross-departmental information resources, supplies, interlibrary loan costs, photocopying costs at other libraries.
  • Review incoming library invoices and subscription renewals and work with Library Director to obtain approval for payment and renewal.
  • Provide troubleshooting for discrepancies between vendor claims and the firm’s records.  Serve as liaison between firm accounting department and vendor collection departments.
  • Maintain archival records of library expenses.
  • Review monthly online bills for Lexis, Westlaw, TLO, Courtlink, etc.  Prepare detailed analysis of usage review in-contract charges vs. excluded charges and contact users with nonbillable usage in order to obtain billable c/m numbers.
  • Provide and arrange training for vendor accounting-based resources to promote higher client-cost recovery rates.
  • Review monthly statements for print materials from publishers and reconcile with invoice records.  Follow up on discrepancies.

Collection Management

  • Maintain contact with vendors and publishers, including telephone calls and face-to-face meetings.  Work with weekly training representatives from Lexis and Westlaw.
  • Responsible for purchase of all library materials, resources and supplies.  Collaborate with Library Director to review library purchase requests from attorneys and staff.
  • Maintain detailed databases of Attorney Books (materials and deskbooks distributed to attorney offices) and the firm Catalog.  Evaluate all telephone and mail solicitations of research products.
  • Maintain detailed spreadsheet of all subscriptions; electronic and print.  Provide help and information regarding individual user passwords and accounts.
  • Maintain detailed spreadsheet of all incoming resources, including subscription materials, updates and new acquisitions.
  • Review, process and distribute all incoming subscription materials, updates and new acquisitions.  Return duplicates, extras or unneeded resources when applicable.
  • Maintain shelving arrangements, changing and moving as necessary.
  • Constant evaluation of library cards for titles currently checked out in order to locate missing resources.
  • Travel to all other office locations in order to provide filing, shelving and maintenance of satellite libraries on a by-need basis.
  • Process interlibrary loan requests both internally and externally with neighboring firms and institutions.

Personnel Management

  • Supervise workflow of library clerk/page to ensure efficiency within the department.
  • Liaison with satellite office managers to assign library tasks to employees situated at other locations.  Supervise support staff assigned in satellite offices to assist in maintaining the libraries.
  • Prepare and update Library Manual and Policies.  Distribute all policy information as needed.
  • Conduct library orientations for summer associates and new hires.
  • Process materials and prepare detailed spreadsheets for all departing employees.

Online Database Management

  • Manage the operations of online research, including negotiating contracts with online research providers, such as Lexis and Westlaw, and evaluating the providers’ new products and product literature.  Distribute information to all firm employees regarding expansion/reduction of online services.
  • Maintain all online IDs of attorneys and paralegals.  Addition and deletion of accounts as necessary.
  • Instruct attorneys on pricing and utilizing online databases in a cost effective manner.  Provide training and support when requested.
  • Review and route online e-mail newsletters.  Review non-routed email newsletters for content and forward to appropriate parties when applicable.
  • Responsible for maintenance of library equipment and databases.
  • Collaborate with IS Department to maintain a current list of free research sites and online tips for researching on the firm portal.
  • Maintain current Library Portal page with available resources and learning programs.

Online Research

  • Provide online research on a case-by-case basis at the request of attorneys and paralegals.
  • Provide Maryland legislative review of new laws while state Congress is in session; email to specified distribution lists.
  • Provide advice on computer research strategy, and assist in computer searches, providing both legal data and general reference.
  • Provide competitive intelligence research when requested by the marketing department
  • Implement Lexis, Westlaw and internet seminars for attorneys and paralegals, and provide individual instruction.
  • Troubleshoot issues with online systems.


  • Prepare daily routing of all print subscription materials.
  • Assist with the firm’s continuing legal education program by obtaining CD’s and other materials to support the training program.
  • Assist CLE committee by administering PLI program and distributing information about current seminars and new resources available.
  • Provide research for attorneys in print materials, and instruct attorneys on using print titles.


Skills:         High level of interpersonal relations and communication skills.  Ability to listen and to interact with all levels within the Firm.  Proficient in using Lexis, Westlaw, and the internet and other research databases.  Proficient in using library automation databases, such as the online catalog, acquisitions, and periodicals.  Proficient in the instruction of legal research, both online and manual.  Proficiency with Windows and Microsoft Office applications. Good supervisory skills required.

Qualifications:             Degree in Library Science (preferred) or equivalent experience.  Minimum five years experience in a law firm.

Supervises:                 Library Clerk/Page

Reports to:                  Chief Information Officer



Revised 2/28/13